How to Nourish You

Your life is a gift, it’s something to cherish and take care of.

You’re made up of body, mind and soul and each part while being an entire whole onto itself, is a part of what makes up – you.  When you concentrate on one part over another you can become unbalanced, out of whack, and you can feel depleted and out of energy.

Nourishing all of you equally creates a well balanced frame that can support you.


MIND – Be mindful of the seeds you plant in the garden of your mind. Be mindful of the thoughts you allow to fester and grow.  They can either uplift and encourage, give you strength and insight or they can tear you down.  Remember to weed out the negative that can keep you from being the soul you came here to be and give the gifts you came here to give.  Weed out the small thoughts that are growing and hanging around.  Don’t water them.  Pull them out

BODY – Live mindful of the nourishment that you feed your body. Exercise regularly, and guess what?  It doesn’t have to be a rigorous work out, but our bodies were meant for movement – dance, run, walk around your neighborhood, lift your arms up high and back down a few times. Do whatever you can. Go outside let the sun touch your skin, sit outside and breath in the air, feel the wind touch your face. Give your body some love, tell it thank you for supporting you, tell your body you love it. Feed it nourishing thoughts of love and caring. Eat healthy. I love to buy locally grown (organic when I can) vegetables and fruits and know that not only am I feeding my body healthy nourishment, but I’m also supporting our local farmers.

SOUL – Spend some time in sacred space every day. Create a daily ritual that will connect you with the Divine and with your higher self. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, it doesn’t have to take up tons of time, just a few minutes sitting in contemplation of the Divine, repeating a mantra, giving thanks, writing in your journal all of these can be sacred moments that bring joy to your being and connect you to a higher love.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.  Come and share your routine for nourishing your life.


Copyright Masha G. Ellman 2016


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My big joy is to inspire, encourage and empower you to live the sweetest life for you. I love to share inspiration, how to, and my own journey towards wholeness and union with our Divine Mother. Oh and I love photography and cooking. I am thrilled that you are here and sharing in this wonderful magical mystery.

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