5 Ways to Self-Care Yourself

Hello you,

To make positive changes in your life you have to start with you. Making yourself important enough to take yourself off the back burner and putting yourself in the front, is essential to your growth and wellbeing.

When I first started to intentionally put myself at the top of the list, I was really afraid, I didn’t want anyone to think I was an egomaniac or that I wasn’t a nice person. I also thought it was selfish and that something bad would happen to me. I’ll never forget the first time I said no to my friend when she asked me to go with her to the mall. The second I hung up the phone I wanted to call her back and say yes, even though I really didn’t want to. Slowly I made myself important enough to put myself first, to honor myself, to think of me, and that opened the door to finding myself. Finding out who I am, what I liked, what I wanted, what my dreams were.

Taking great care of yourself should be a part of your every day because you are the one most important to you, yes you can make others important in your life, but, YOU, you are most important and I can tell you this, that when you will start to cherish yourself, you will be amazed at the person you will become.

There are lots of ways to give yourself some self-care, here are just 5 that will make a difference in how you feel.

5 ways to self-care yourself:

  • Show yourself some love
  • Make some space for yourself in the day
  • Give yourself a pep talk
  • Eat what is healthy for you
  • Read something inspiring

Self-care to me means giving myself what I need to blossom and live my best life.  It has helped me to elevate my thoughts about myself, find my true self and deepen my relationship with me.

So, here’s your invitation, live each day with intention and make time for yourself, you’ll be glad you did.

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Wishing you a happy and bright week ahead.


One Sure Way to Make the Most of Every Day

Hello you,

Every day is an opportunity to start over, to be open to new experiences, to re-evaluate and re-assess as the day unfolds.  Every day holds within it small moments that if we really pay attention, we can see that these are the moments that shape our days and that we have the choice of what we allow ourselves to be filled with.

Every day we are the ones making every decision and every choice in our life.  How we deal with upset, how we love ourselves, how we choose to spend our time, what we make of every day, it’s all our choice.

Photo by Emily Park on Unsplash

A couple of days ago I ordered a few things from the supermarket and it wasn’t until the next day that I realized that, the spinach the shopper delivered was not the one I ordered, it wasn’t organic and I didn’t notice and I ate it. This really upset me because I know that spinach gets heavily sprayed with toxic pesticides. There are certain vegetables and fruits that I refuse to eat unless they’re organic just because of that reason. I don’t want to put those toxic chemicals into my body, so I got very upset and I don’t know if I was more annoyed with the shopper or with myself for not noticing before I cooked and ate it.

Part of my self-care is my decision that I made to live each day with intention, to be aware of my thoughts, my emotions and the little moments that fill my days. Remembering my commitment to myself, I stopped and paid attention to what I was thinking and feeling. I realized that there is really nothing that I can do about it now and that I have a choice, I can hold onto these negative emotions, complain about it to everyone and carry this upsetting energy with me, letting it fuel the rest of the day, or, I have the choice to decide that what I’m thinking and feeling is not serving me, all I can do is be more aware next time and just let this go so I can be free to make the most of the day.

Today I invite you to remember you are the magic, you hold the power. Every day you make the choice of what to hold onto and what to let go of. And, the one sure way to make the most of every day is to know that you’re in charge of your every choice.

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Acknowledge Yourself with Gratitude

Hello fabulous you,

Something that I love to do is to slow down, pay attention and capture the moments of my days. So, for the month of May I signed up to do a free daily gratitude challenge with Alex Elle where the goal is just that, to create a practice for yourself that will capture the micro moments in your days.  Moments that we often overlook and unless we intentionally pay attention to them we may not see them.

Today when I sat down with my cup of tea and my journal ready to write, the only words of gratitude that burst out of me were words of gratefulness for me. 

From my gratitude journal:

I am grateful for ME!!!  I am grateful for being strong, powerful, resilient, opinionated, having strong values, always being curious to learn more, being compassionate.  I am grateful for being afraid and doing it anyway. I am grateful for never giving up, for falling down and getting up again and again. I am grateful for taking myself out of the prison I enclosed myself into, for breaking down walls I built around me. I am grateful for doing the inner work. I am grateful for forgiveness, for having an open heart, for loving myself and having the capacity to love others.  I am grateful for always looking for joy, for wonder, for miracles.  I am grateful for finding myself.  I am grateful for being my own advocate, for healing myself, for living wholeheartedly and holistically and loving myself unabashedly. I am grateful for my brilliant mind, for my body, for my stamina. I am grateful. I am grateful. I am grateful for ME!!!

Having a gratitude practice and also giving thanks to myself has changed my life . When you acknowledge yourself, you’re being a participant in your own experience, you’re showing up for yourself, you’re honoring your own actions. And it is in this way that you’re building a beautiful life.

I invite you today to take a moment and make a list, leave caution to the wind, just write down what comes to you without editing. What are you grateful to yourself about? you just may surprise yourself in delight.

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Today I Have a Gentle Reminder for the Week

Hello fabulous you,

Today I have a gentle reminder for the week –

Your one HAVE to – Practice self-love daily.

Remember you, remember to –

give yourself a break

talk to yourself kindly

nourish yourself with fresh food

make time for rest

believe in yourself

trust in yourself

forgive yourself.

Remember you’re –






you can do it

you have been doing it

you’re AMAZING!!!

This is your invitation to honor yourself this week, take from it what you like and leave the rest, and love yourself, you deserve your love.


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I’m Honoring Myself and Giving Myself What I need

Hello fabulous you,

When I saw these flowers in the store I had to have them. I love yellow, especially during this time of the year. The color is so cheery, bright, fun. I feel so happy every time I look at my beautiful yellow flowers.

While I was taking these photos I was reminded that there are times when you just gotta give yourself what you need in order to get passed a challenging time. I don’t know why but, they reminded me that there’s a season for everything and sometimes honoring the season you’re in, is the best thing you can do for yourself.

March was a very challenging month for me health wise. I had an infection, a result of living with IC, and it wasn’t until two weeks ago that my doctor took another test and it came back positive so, I’ve been on antibiotics and thankfully I’m better now. But, for the last couple of weeks especially, I’ve been trying to write my blog post for today and every day went by and I didn’t. I didn’t feel inspired, I didn’t feel creative, I had no energy or desire to write anything. I started something and deleted it a few times, I couldn’t think and the words wouldn’t come. 

During this time I was putting all kinds of pressure on myself to write my blog post and then I was reminded that, sometimes that’s just how it is, you just need a rest for whatever reason, especially if you’re not feeling well. So, I’m honoring what I need with no judgement, no beating myself up, no placing huge pressure on myself to get it done, instead I’m going with the flow of what I seem to need right now and that’s giving myself, rest.

So today, this is your invitation to honor the season you’re in and give yourself what you need without judgement.

I hope this post inspires, and serves you. Share your thoughts and leave a comment below, I love comments.

Wishing you a happy and bright weekend & week ahead.


A Gentle Message for April

Hello fabulous you,

I’m stopping by today to say happy April and share a gentle message that came to me that I feel is important to share.

You know how sometimes FB will do a popup of a memory? Well, this showed up, I wrote this back in 2014.

When you start loving yourself, truly loving yourself, without fear, without limits, you open to an inner secret that has been waiting for your awareness. It is in this inner sacred secret that your happiness lies.

The more I started to love myself, the more I started to appreciate myself, to let go of all the harsh thoughts I had about myself. The more I started to have compassion for myself. I began to feel happier and I started to put myself on the top of the list instead of on the bottom and I started to become the most important on my list. As my relationship with myself started to deepen and change so did everything else around me and my life has changed for the greater.

Your invitation – have a relationship with yourself, love yourself without fear, without guilt, without limitations.

You are worthy, you matter, you’re important, special and amazing!

I hope this post inspires, and serves you. Share your thoughts and leave a comment below, I love comments.

Happy April dear friends