Trust – My New Word for 2018

Trust in yourself is what is emerging for me. It popped into my head a while back and it hasn’t left, and I’m thinking it’s the perfect word for this next year.  Commitment, my word that has guided me, created magic for me, and been my friend throughout 2017, has really served me well, but at times although I mostly stayed committed to my writing intentions, listening to my intuitive voice was a challenge.

Green leave w pink.png

In looking back at this year, although I was committed to bringing magic into my life and lighting the way for others, I often questioned myself, and doubted myself. I would write a perfect blog post and than my inner doubter would overtake me and I’d question if this is good enough, who will want to read this, maybe it’s too long a post, too short a post, not inspiring enough, ridiculous, and so it was left.

But commitment my loving guide, kept me in the game and even though I didn’t publish some of my what I considered not good enough and/or inspiring enough writings, I still published almost on a weekly basis, and that was because of – commitment.

But now I feel that this new year coming will be or has to be about – self trust – Trust in the one thing I’ve been wanting so much and at times avoided, my own inner self, my own inner knowing, my own inner treasure chest full of amazing, magical, inspiring, loving offerings that I know can help to heal and help to inspire, encourage and ignite a spark in others.

Orange yellow flower.png

I’m feeling that there’s a “new consciousness” that wants in, as Sue Monk Kidd writes in her book The Dance of the Dissident Daughter, and Trust in myself is emerging to support that new journey.  So I’m letting it in and I’m embracing it with all of my might. I’ll need a lot of courage to stand up to my own inner doubters, but backed with commitment and an unbreakable trust in my own inner knowing, I know that I can stand strong in my root and give out what wants to be expressed.

Wishing you a magical year ahead filled with lots of trust in yourself.

Feel free to share this blog post and share in the comments below your own journey into trusting yourself, love to chat.



Raise Your Vibration With This

If you’re carrying the ‘I’m not good enough’ gremlin with you today, you’re giving away your inner power and lowering your energetic field.

So step into action, harness your power and raise your inner energy with this affirmation.


I am wonderfully fantastic.jpeg

Raising your inner energy empowers you to face challenges that may show up and is a magical key in living your life from your higher good.

As always feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.  Love to know how this is working for you.

Fantastic Blessings



Helpful Tip to Get Your Dream Going

Spend a few minutes in the morning before you start your day before emails, iPhone, Instagram, Facebook…it doesn’t have to be long, just a couple of minutes, just enough to remind yourself of your precious dream. If you have a vision board, look at it, envision the things on it.  Bringing your dream to the forefront of your mind will encourage you to take a step towards it, even a small step is a huge move towards the creation of your dream.

Maybe you need to develop it more, focus on it more…whatever you are in need of, bringing your dream out daily and looking at it, showering it with love,  will move it towards the creation of it.  What you’re doing by bringing it out daily is making it more attainable, more real, you’re affirming it’s existence, you’re saying YES to Universal Mind, YES – this is what I want.

Purple flower.jpeg

I read these words on my friend Diana Frajman’s blog Crone Confidence and I immediately felt like they were mine – create, teach, motivate.  Yes, that’s exactly it.  That’s what my dream is.  I changed them a bit for them to be more me – I create – I share/teach – I inspire.  I wrote them down on a sticky note and posted it on my refrigerator so I can see them all the time every day.  They are a part of my dream and looking at them as I pass by them I’m reminded of my passion, of what I’m meant to do and dream of doing.  They hold a special magic within them that I can’t explain.

I create

I share/teach

I inspire

If you can identify your dream in this way, do it.  If you have a title for your dream, write it and place it where you will see it all the time, or just write – my precious dream.  We all get busy and forget about our magic and we need reminders.  I love sticky notes (especially pink) they’re great and you can stick them on your computer, on your bathroom mirror, in your car…  This is one sure way to keep your dream in front of you trust in the process and grow it.

When you start your day bringing forward your precious dream in the morning, you will carry it with you throughout the day.  In this way it will become more real, more a part of you and you will get your dream going.

Can you start right now to bring your dream forward?  Share in the comments below, love to know what’s your process for reminders towards your dream.



Are You Leading with Toxic Thoughts

Letting go of toxic thoughts will allow you to open to your magnificence.


Toxic thoughts hold you prisoner within themselves and close you to fresh ideas.  They keep you from opening up to new opportunities, envisioning a greater way for yourself and those you’re leading.

You can’t be a great leader while you’re filled with toxic thoughts, you know the ones – those thoughts that dictate all the negative actions that you take and all the bad feelings that you spread out.  Those that judge and criticize.  Those thoughts that are constantly saying that you can’t, someone else can’t, it’s not possible, it’s too hard…why can’t they…they are not good enough, you are not good enough…

When you’re a leader one of your greatest magic keys for success is to recognize the value in others.  But for as long as you’re walking around with toxic thoughts, you can’t see the good in others, you can’t recognize their skills and value.  You can’t lead with encouragement, you can’t inspire and uplift, not yourself not anyone.  You can’t evaluate situations, make decisions or institute change that is of benefit and fair.

Toxic thoughts emanate an aura of negativity that spreads out of you to all around you and out into the universe, so everyone you touch and beyond is affected by your toxic thoughts.  And most of all they hide your magnificence.

Lead from a place of positive energy.  Fill yourself with positive thoughts that will uplift and inspire not only you, but all around you.  Come from a place of how can you serve those you are leading.  Work on changing every toxic thought you have into a positive one and –

Let your MAGNIFICENT YOU shine out.

So, do you have toxic thoughts you need to get rid of?  Come and share in the comments below, love to chat.



A Sabbath Love Note

A Sabbath love note –

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” ~ Coco Chanel


No matter what

No matter who you are

No matter where you are

No matter your beliefs

No matter anything

You are a gift

You are special





You are a divine creation

A shining glory


You are beauty!

You’re invited to share Sabbath blessings in the comments below.



Do You Tend to Your Inner Seed

When you tend to your inner seed magic will grow!

With a total eclipse that is coupled with a new moon, the cosmic energies are stronger than ever inviting us to initiate change within ourselves and outside of ourselves.   It’s the time to set intentions, cut out fear and negative thoughts, dream our wildest dreams and place our thoughts on growing our inner seed. It’s time to move into a new energy a higher knowing, become aware of our inner strength and power.

Pink flower new

I’m taking a course with Janet Conner and Christine Pensa Express your Souls Beauty and we talked last week about having an inner seed.  I love the idea of an inner seed, never thought of it that way before.  We all have a seed inside us and that seed is either dormant or growing. We’re either allowing or holding back. Our seed will not reveal it’s precious treasure if we don’t allow, if we don’t give it love and nurture it. If we water our seed, if we remove all the trash that is blocking its growth, if we nourish it, our inner seed will reveal to us our creative splendor, our powers.

For the last few years I’ve had a word that accompanies me for the year, this year my word that elbowed her way in is “commitment”  I didn’t want commitment, it felt heavy, I wanted something magical, glorious, light.  But commitment didn’t let go of me and has been carrying me and teaching me and supporting me this year in ways that I never knew it could when it first showed up.  When I asked the universe for a guiding card for the year, “Throat Chakra” flew out of the deck, and all I can say is WOW what a combination – Commitment and Throat Chakra.

Throat chakra.jpeg

This year I’ve committed myself to my writing, to removing  the negative rubbish and allowing my inner voice to emerge stronger and more authentic.  I have been tending to my inner seed in greater ways and right now I feel an inner urgency, I feel like there’s a volcano that is ready to erupt.  I’ve stepped into a deeper place of – knowing but not knowing – and I’m unsteady here in this new territory. I’m moving fast, transformation is happening fast, I can’t drag along self-pity and fear with me, there just is no room for that, I feel like those old negative energies are not a part of me anymore.  I have to pick up courage and trust and move because my inner seed is bursting open, and I’m being called to step out of my old self into a more authentic self and to use my voice in a greater way. (Throat Chakra)

Flower w seed.jpeg

Your seed is holding your magic, it’s your creative center, it holds the wisdom of the universe within it.  It holds your talents and gifts that are unique to only you, it’s what you came here into this life to share. But, when you keep your inner seed dormant you’re not aligned with your higher purpose and you’re not expressing your souls blessings.

You are surrounded right now with abundant energies to nourish your inner seed and to make significant changes.  Ask for guidance, commit to letting go of old fears that limit you and negative energies that surround you.  Set new intentions.  Dream new dreams.  Set your course on self discovery and journey to within.  Open your heart to your inner gifts and tend to your seed – it’s from where your life is waiting to blossom out.

Are you ready to tend to your inner seed?  Come share your thoughts in the comment section below, love to chat.

Eclipse Blessings

Card is from Connected and Free, The Alchemist’s Oracle deck.  By inner hue.