It’s All About Wreaths this Week

I started this holiday season with beautiful Poinsettias, here, and this week it’s all about wreaths.

How I love wreaths.  I feel like my soul is jumping up and down for joy as I hang my wreath on my door. For me it’s a symbol of welcome, blessings, unity, wholeness, and inclusion. It represents infinity since there is no beginning and no end.  It holds within it the unending circle of life, the sun and the moon. It also symbolizes hope and joy.

This is the one on my front door, welcoming all with joy and blessings.


Here are some photos I took in different stores, I love just looking at them.



Can you tell I love wreaths? I love the ones with red berries and the ones made with sparkle, and bows, and I love the evergreen symbolizing growth and life.



This holiday season is about opening our hearts to each other, releasing joy and love. It’s about welcome. It’s about blessings.  It’s about our precious gift – this life.

It’s a reminder that every single step of our inner journey is a pilgrimage. It’s a longing for unity with a power greater than ourselves.


So come and join me, lets continue this 2017 holiday celebration with joy and wonder.  Post your own pictures of a wreath, (one only please) that fills you with joy, here in the comments bellow, or join me at my face book page, here , and join in the fun.

Happy Holiday Blessings


Loving the Holiday Season Come Join the Fun

I love the holiday season and I love to surround myself with holiday things that make me feel happy.

I love the colors, the feeling, the food, the delicious smells of holiday.  I love Christmas dinner with my family, love the ornaments, love looking at all the decorations in the mall and in all the stores. I love going to Las Vegas at this time of the year and going to the different hotels to look at the decorations.  Every hotel has something different and  amazing, although I don’t think I’m getting there this year :(, and I love looking at the trees decorated with the lights and hearing the Christmas songs all over.  I love Christmas songs… and did I say I love the holiday season? So I decided to post some of my favorite things throughout this holiday season, and I’m starting with the Christmas flower, Poinsettia.




This is also a time of the year when I hold my mother dearly in my heart, and I remember and miss our time together.  We went to the mall often throughout the year, but during this holiday season it was always more special for us.  We would just walk around looking at everything Christmas, window shopping with smiles from ear to ear on our faces.  And of course we always had a cup of something hot, mostly tea, at the eatery and watch all the people walking by carrying bags filled with goodies.



So here we are, and I’m taking a journey through a month full of wonder and magic.

This holiday season invites us to open our heart to look within and to give out the beauty that lives within us.  Lets open to, and allow the magic of this season to capture our imagination and our hearts. Spend a few minutes each day, if you can, just becoming aware of the love the mystery of this universe is extending to you.  And don’t worry you’ll still have plenty of time to rush around.

I invite you to join me in celebrating the last month of 2017 with joy and wonder.  Post your own pictures of Poinsettias, (one only please) that uplift you, here in the comments bellow, or join me at my face book page, click here , and join the fun.

Happy Holiday Blessings


Magical December

What if you lived each day in December inspired?

What if you decided to listen to your inner voice –

What if you took a journey into your heart and wrote down one thing you’re grateful for each day –

What if you –

Aligned with Mother Nature

Listened to the birds singing their song in the early morning hour –

Noticed the tree that’s been growing right in front of you but you haven’t seen, not really.

What if you believed in yourself?

magical December 2

Connect with the vision that you’re holding of yourself –

What one thing can you change about yourself, what one thing can you give up, what one thing can you open yourself up to.

What are the conditions that you will not negotiate, that you will not live without?

What if you gave yourself a few minutes of ME time each day?

Ten minutes to write your thoughts into a journal –

What if you made a list of all the things you like, all the things that make you happy, not just your family, but also those things beyond your family –

Having a delicious cup of coffee, your feet up on the couch. Pizza.  Opening up to a journey within, to uncover the true you –

What if you stopped rushing every second, looked up at the sky and breathed in the air –  with gratitude d e e p l y all the way down into your belly – and breathed out AHHHHH…

What if you could make something true for you, something that is just for you, something that you’ve been wanting, craving, wishing, dreamed of –

What if you could – Plan to take a class. Learn something new. Draw.  Read that book you’ve been meaning to.  Change your thoughts for the highest good.

What if you looked at experiences you had this year and used them to grow and transform.

And here’s the secret, here’s the magic – it’s possible, and you can.

It’s all up to you.  You’re co-creating your life with a Universe that loves you and gives you everything you want and desire.

You’re the one that makes the choices for you.

You’re the one who decides how you’re days will be, what you will give to yourself.  How you will treat yourself.

December is a month of magic; it’s the gateway that stands between the old and the ushering in of the new.

December invites you to let go and open up, to give out of yourself and to receive.  It asks you to look within and tend to your inner garden. It asks you to weed out the old that no longer fits, and to make room for the new that holds endless magical possibilities.

So, what if you lived each day in December inspired, come and share your thoughts in the comments bellow, love to hear from you.

Blessings Magical December!


Did You Know You Have Endless Possibilities

Every minute holds endless possibilities. How you want to feel. What you want to experience. How you want to be. What you want to let go of. What you want to open yourself up to. What changes you want. How you want to think…the possibilities are endless.

So, what are you choosing today? What will you accomplish today? What mountains will you stop carrying around with you? What fears will you dissolve? What goal will you take a step towards achieving?

The possibilities are waiting for you to pick them up, to hold them, to use them in any way you desire.


When the word possibilities came into my mind, I knew right away I wanted to write about it.  It was an immediate, oh yes, this is perfect. And then as I was writing my inner know-it-all showed up, and started with the, that’s not really good enough, you have to mention the universe and the magic and you don’t know enough, and who do you think you are…and…and… I got totally lost inside this negative self talk, fear was up, and it stopped me from everything.

And then I realized, that wait, I have endless possibilities, and I am the choice maker, I can either continue to allow my inner know it all to continue barraging me with all the nasty negative stuff, or I can stop her, move beyond, and write from my own truth.

The possibilities are endless and the choice is always ours.

How we see ourself.

How we love ourself.

How we give to ourself.

What we want to believe.

What we want to commit to.

How we want to trust –

The possibilities are there for us to choose from.

We can stay the same.

We can stop.

We can transform.

We can give in to our fears, to our jealousy, to our hatred and anger…

We can live in gratitude, in loving thoughts, in inspiration –

We hold the magic key to endless possibilities.

Annie Dillard wrote “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

So, how are you spending your days?  What possibilities are you choosing from, what doors are you unlocking with your magic key?  Love to hear from you, come and share in the comment section bellow.



A Love Note – Gratitude

Well it’s official, I’m in my most favorite time of the year and I’m feeling grateful and blessed and ready to overeat, yes you read right, overeat, and indulge in one of my daughter in law’s famous cucumber martinis.  (she makes the best ones ever.)  Along with spending time with my family, I love to nosh on all the different treats that we all  share in during our Thanksgiving meal.


And I’m super happy, feeling grateful and blessed for all of you, beautiful ones.  I’m grateful that you stop by here on my blog, and on my FB page, my Instagram and Pinterest.  I’m grateful for all your sharing in the comments, all your good wishes and your blessings, all the likes you leave me throughout the year.

tree re leaves.jpeg

I’m grateful that I’m able to inspire you in some way, I’m grateful for you my dear friends.  And the truth is that you inspire me, with every visit to my blog, with every like and every comment you inspire me, you make my heart jump with joy, you make me more brave and give me more courage to step out and into my own power and to share what’s in my heart –

I am grateful for you!!!

flower red.jpeg

May you enjoy a plentiful holiday feast with your family and friends.  Lots of love.

Blessings Always!!!

Feel free to share any of my blog posts and leave a comment if you wish.



Are You Queen In Your Life

Can you treat yourself like a queen for one day?

Can you put yourself first –

Love yourself unconditionally –

Accept your thighs, your every wrinkle, your not having a good hair day,

your pimples –

danielle laporte

Can you treat yourself like a queen for one day?

Give yourself permission to love you – no guilt –

Feed your mind, body, and soul with thoughts of acceptance – love – praise –

Have only thoughts that uplift you, encourage you, praise you, fill you with confidence –

Can you step outside your fears, leave them by the wayside for just one day, and see what happens? You can always pick them up and carry them with you if you want to.

blue modified

Can you treat yourself like a queen for one day?

Look at all you have accomplished with awe, stand tall, be proud – believe in yourself – give yourself a hug –

Can you forgive yourself?

Can you trust your heart?

Can you stand in courage?

Believe in magic?

Value yourself –

Feel your spirit dancing, singing –

Can you wash yourself with the sun?

Walk barefoot on the grass –

Breathe in the air –

Let the energy of the moon envelop you –

Can You…?

Can you be the queen in your life for just one day?

Let me know how this felt for you, are you the queen in your life, did you feel a shift within?  Leave a comment below, love to hear from you.


copyright Masha G. Ellman 2017