Happy Friday!

It’s Friday Y A Y !!!!!!

Take a few moments and breathe,

honor yourself,

clear your energy,

let go of any heaviness,

write down what you’re grateful for this week,

what brought you joy,

what do you need to let go of,

what do you want more of,

what’s your intention for next week,

let yourself dream.

Love to hear from you, feel free to comment.

Weekend blessings,

Magic Thought for Today

For all you’ve done and how far you’ve come, just this year alone

Give yourself a high five for all of it and

love yourself a little more today!


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The Magic of Journal Writing

Hello everyone, hope you’re well. I love to journal and I’m so happy to share with you my article that appeared in last month’s issue of The Inspired Guide magazine (here).


Journal writing is really a spiritual thing.  When we’re journaling, we’re honoring our self we’re nourishing our soul, we’re uncovering and unraveling to the core of who we are.  It’s a sacred time that we devote to ourselves to getting to know our own thoughts, what we want, what we desire, where we’re headed to.  It’s a way to connect with our inner wisdom.  Journal writing can be the gateway to mystical experiences and a mystical connection with Universal Mind.

There’s no right or wrong way to journal.  We can write dialogue, letter style, bullet journaling…We can write to a prompt, ask a question, write our future…My favorite is three pages of stream of consciousness writing first thing in the morning.  Julia Cameron calls it morning pages in her book The Artist’s Way, three pages of just letting your thoughts flow.  It’s a great way to get out what’s on my mind (brain dump) or I’ll write three pages of gibberish.  And then there are those times when I write more than three pages because in the middle of gibberish, revelations show up, AHA moments, and such profound writing I have no idea where it all came from. 

Benefits of journaling

We can journal to heal ourselves, gain mental clarity.  We can journal ourselves to happy, to success, reach goals.   We can use journaling to make decisions, vent frustrations.  We can gain confidence, up level our mind. We can journal to get through difficult times, as a means of forgiveness, give gratitude.  It’s the place where we can express what’s in our heart.  We can connect with our angels or, our spirit guides.  And something I recently started and am loving, scripting, writing my future self.

Writing in a journal can also be a way to meditate, enhance memory and creative expression. 

It can be a profoundly spiritual experience.  A search on Google will bring up loads of prompts for just about everything. 

Our journal is our private special magical world where we can let ourselves unfold unto. 

Keep it easy and fun

I love beautiful journals and there are many on the market, but I can’t write in them I feel intimidated, I feel my writing has to be perfect, I don’t want to mess them up. The best one I found for me is a 3 or 5 subject notebook I get from Target; my only requirement is that the cover has to be in a color I like.  Here I can be messy and free and I don’t worry about my writing being perfect and pretty.

I like to bless my journals before I start writing in them, I use the first page to write a blessing.  “I bless this journal, thank you for all the wisdom and love.”  I decorate the page, sometimes it’s flowers, stars and hearts, or I’ll create a vision board with pictures I cut out from magazines, I just follow my instinct.  I use the last page to give thanks for all I have received and I write “thank you” in big letters across the page. 

Our most deepest self will reveal itself in our journal, find one that makes you feel happy when you pick it up.

Journaling is a return to self

Taking time to journal is the greatest investment we can gift ourselves.  It’s a powerful way to get to know and reclaim ourselves.  It opens the doorway into the mystery within, it’s magical.

Happy Journaling & blessings.


Magic Thought for Today

Do one thing that will bring you joy today.

Some ideas –

Find one item to give away.

Have a cup of tea and just sit and stare out the window.

Start reading that book you’ve been meaning to.

Write in your journal.

Do the laundry.

Set a beautiful table for lunch.

Find one thing that you’ve been putting off till later and do it.

For me, I’m cleaning my coffee maker today, I’ve been putting it off forever, I like to run water with vinegar through it to clean it out, it always gives me such great joy knowing it’s clean.

What one thing will you do today that brings you joy? Love to hear from you.


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What are you saying ‘yes’ to today

What are you saying YES to today?

Are you saying YES to –

I am not worthy?

I am not enough?

I am not _________________ (fill in the blank)

Are you saying YES to –

I am worthy –

I am enough –

I am amazing –

Which energy are you honoring today? The choice is yours.


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How to Find Wonder On Your Daily Walk

Hey guys, hope you’re all well.  I’m really excited to share with you my article that was published in the July 2020 issue of The Inspired Guide magazine (here) enjoy.


The universe is always revealing and offering amazing gifts, and if we’re willing to be open to it and accepting, we can be the receivers of these gifts.  We can see the magick and the wonders in the simple things of our everyday life.  Walking can be an act of sacred union with the mystery, and fill us with great joy.

I love to go out for a walk, it’s part of my self-care, it gives me the opportunity to slow down and connect with nature.  I love to walk with the awareness to receive the amazing, and although I walk mostly the same path, walking with the intention to see the wonder makes my walks exciting, special and magical.  I’ll hear the sound of a bird that oh, I haven’t since last year.  Or, I’ll suddenly notice the amazing scent in the air as I breathe.  A feather on the ground my angels saying hi.  Gorgeous purple flowers, or I’ll notice the trees are starting to shed their leaves getting ready for the winter months.  Each season brings with it its own special gifts and charm.

walk wonder

I’m not always open to receiving, life gets in the way, emotions arise, I can’t seem to let go of thoughts that are disturbing my inner peace.  But even on days when I’m not all there, just the act of having set an intention opens the door and a little bit of wonder finds its way into my heart.

I started to set an intention for my walks a couple of years ago, an idea I got from an online course I took.  This practice has evolved over time and this is what I do now:

  • Before I go out, I set the intention.  I ask the universe to reveal wonder to me and I invite my angels, spirit guides, animal spirit guides, all beings who are with me to come along.  I ask for their protection, their wisdom, their love and to help me see wonder.
  • I have a rule, no thoughts allowed that will disturb my inner calm, this is a time that I give to myself to stay in mindful union with the mystery.  When unwanted thoughts enter my mind, I refocus back to my intention.
  • I have my cell phone with me for the sole purpose of taking pictures, I keep the sound turned off.
  • I bring happiness to my mind, I say I’m happy happy happy, and I step out with a feeling of happiness and a knowing that wonder will be revealed to me on my walk today.
  • At the end of my walk I always say thank you.

Taking a walk can be inspiring, energizing, joyful, peaceful, it can connect us with nature, it can elevate our spirit.  It gives us the opportunity to slow down and get grounded.  Even just a ten-minute walk can make a world of difference in how we feel.

Turning our walk into an intention for finding wonder is a gift we give to ourselves.  When we open ourselves to notice, to smell the air, to see the details, to hear the sounds…we enter into a magical awareness and a oneness with the universe, honoring ourselves and honoring the universe and her gifts.

Happy walking & blessings.