A Love Note – Gratitude

Well it’s official, I’m in my most favorite time of the year and I’m feeling grateful and blessed and ready to overeat, yes you read right, overeat, and indulge in one of my daughter in law’s famous cucumber martinis.  (she makes the best ones ever.)  Along with spending time with my family, I love to nosh on all the different treats that we all  share in during our Thanksgiving meal.


And I’m super happy, feeling grateful and blessed for all of you, beautiful ones.  I’m grateful that you stop by here on my blog, and on my FB page, my Instagram and Pinterest.  I’m grateful for all your sharing in the comments, all your good wishes and your blessings, all the likes you leave me throughout the year.

tree re leaves.jpeg

I’m grateful that I’m able to inspire you in some way, I’m grateful for you my dear friends.  And the truth is that you inspire me, with every visit to my blog, with every like and every comment you inspire me, you make my heart jump with joy, you make me more brave and give me more courage to step out and into my own power and to share what’s in my heart –

I am grateful for you!!!

flower red.jpeg

May you enjoy a plentiful holiday feast with your family and friends.  Lots of love.

Blessings Always!!!

Feel free to share any of my blog posts and leave a comment if you wish.



Are You Queen In Your Life

Can you treat yourself like a queen for one day?

Can you put yourself first –

Love yourself unconditionally –

Accept your thighs, your every wrinkle, your not having a good hair day,

your pimples –

danielle laporte

Can you treat yourself like a queen for one day?

Give yourself permission to love you – no guilt –

Feed your mind, body, and soul with thoughts of acceptance – love – praise –

Have only thoughts that uplift you, encourage you, praise you, fill you with confidence –

Can you step outside your fears, leave them by the wayside for just one day, and see what happens? You can always pick them up and carry them with you if you want to.

blue modified

Can you treat yourself like a queen for one day?

Look at all you have accomplished with awe, stand tall, be proud – believe in yourself – give yourself a hug –

Can you forgive yourself?

Can you trust your heart?

Can you stand in courage?

Believe in magic?

Value yourself –

Feel your spirit dancing, singing –

Can you wash yourself with the sun?

Walk barefoot on the grass –

Breathe in the air –

Let the energy of the moon envelop you –

Can You…?

Can you be the queen in your life for just one day?

Let me know how this felt for you, are you the queen in your life, did you feel a shift within?  Leave a comment below, love to hear from you.


copyright Masha G. Ellman 2017

Hello November – Reflection

For me, I love November, it’s my birth month, and I’ve made it the month for inner self reflection.  But, I also feel that November is the month that invites us all to spend some time to reflect on ourselves.  For looking within and getting naked to uncovering the truth of who we are.

November asks us to remove the layers that are blocking our inner growth and allowing the beauty of who we are to shine through.

hello november

Look within yourself – What are you holding onto that is no longer serving you? What old hurt are you still carrying around with you? What stories are you telling yourself that are keeping you small, in pain, blocked? Where do you need to love yourself more? What are you not giving yourself?…

Get naked to your question, don’t embellish it with thoughts that will cover up your true feelings. It’s only if you can see yourself in the naked truth, that you can remove what doesn’t work for you, what is blocking you, what is keeping you from love . Open up that space to allow new energies to fill you – new energies that will support you on your journey, that will uplift you, inspire you, heal you, that will carry you in gentle ways into a higher place of inner wisdom.  Of course you can look within yourself anytime of the year, but doing it now in November helps to clear the way for the intentions you want to set for the new year, and for a new vision for yourself.

So give yourself the gift of inner self-reflection, and clear the way for opening up to the magical gifts the universe is holding out for you.

Come and share your thoughts in the comments below, love to hear from you.




Are You Noticing the Messages from the Universe

We live in a universe that embraces us and loves us and communicates with us all the time.  If we’re open to receive it’s messages, if we can pay attention and see the visible in the invisible, we can then live in harmony with our natural nature and receive.

To notice and read the symbols, is to be engaged with the language of the universe.

san Diego from ship

There are many ways in which the universe is constantly trying to communicate with us, and these kinds of things happen all the time, every day.  Suddenly you notice a word on a billboard you’ve seen many times before, but never really noticed it, and it’s the perfect word that triggers the answer for what you’ve been needing.  Or suddenly an image or a word pops into your mind and you immediately have your answer and know what to do.  You may overhear a couple of strangers having a conversation in the supermarket, and one says the perfect thing that you needed to hear. Or you’ll have an animal or a bird come to you in a way that you never noticed that creature before, bringing you a message of confirmation.  This is exactly what happened to me.

sea gull

We went on a two day cruise to Mexico out of San Diego and on the second day I opened the curtain in my room, and there was this huge Seagull just standing there and looking straight at me.  He kept on tilting his head first to one side and than to the other and looking at me with one eye than the other.  I quickly grabbed my phone and I was hoping he would remain there while I was fumbling to find my camera app, because in that moment I was like OMG OMG OMG where’s my camera?  LOL.

This has never happened to me, in all the years I lived in Florida near the ocean where I took a walk along the boardwalk every day, I’ve never had a Seagull come up to me like this and just stay there and look at me so intensely.

sea gull 2

So I knew that this is definitely a message here for me from the universe.  I googled the symbolic meaning of Seagull and the one thing that really hit home for me was, that the Seagull is a very chatty bird, and his message is for me to be fierce and to be wide open.  I am entering the new year with my new word “trust” in myself, and this is the universe affirming for me to fearlessly step into my power, and allow my authentic voice to be heard.

baha calif

When you notice a word, a song that pops into your head, a plant, a flower, an animal that suddenly comes across your vision.  A license plate with a number or a word that suddenly strikes you.  Pay attention, the universe is trying to tell you something.

Have you noticed any messages?  How is the universe communicating with you?  Come and share in the comments below, love to hear from you.



A Guidance Card for Today

It’s amazing how the universe will always bring you to the exact place where you need to be.

For the first time in a couple of months I’m feeling really light, I’ve been inside a very heavy energy, so much so that it affected my days in many ways, it even affected my writing which I haven’t been able to get into.

play card

I’m taking a class with Victoria Smith “Coffee with the Oracle” and today we were to pull five cards and do a reading.  The cards felt so heavy that I couldn’t really get into the reading and I left it for later.  Then I remembered that there was an interview video to listen to from last week, that I totally forgot about, so I decided to listen.  (Which by the way was great.)

After listening to the interview I felt like I needed to pull a card for today.  So following my inner guidance I used Lisa McLoughlin’s deck “Life Design Cards” I asked the question – what do I need today to guide me that is for my highest good and that of all –  and this is the card that fell out as I was shuffling. The instant I read the guidance on the card I felt a heaviness lift from me, it took me out of that heavy energy and brought me into play, rejoice, celebrate.

Yes, the universe always knows.

Let me know how this message makes you feel, love to chat.



Trust – My New Word for 2018

Trust in yourself is what is emerging for me. It popped into my head a while back and it hasn’t left, and I’m thinking it’s the perfect word for this next year.  Commitment, my word that has guided me, created magic for me, and been my friend throughout 2017, has really served me well, but at times although I mostly stayed committed to my writing intentions, listening to my intuitive voice was a challenge.

Green leave w pink.png

In looking back at this year, although I was committed to bringing magic into my life and lighting the way for others, I often questioned myself, and doubted myself. I would write a perfect blog post and than my inner doubter would overtake me and I’d question if this is good enough, who will want to read this, maybe it’s too long a post, too short a post, not inspiring enough, ridiculous, and so it was left.

But commitment my loving guide, kept me in the game and even though I didn’t publish some of my what I considered not good enough and/or inspiring enough writings, I still published almost on a weekly basis, and that was because of – commitment.

But now I feel that this new year coming will be or has to be about – self trust – Trust in the one thing I’ve been wanting so much and at times avoided, my own inner self, my own inner knowing, my own inner treasure chest full of amazing, magical, inspiring, loving offerings that I know can help to heal and help to inspire, encourage and ignite a spark in others.

Orange yellow flower.png

I’m feeling that there’s a “new consciousness” that wants in, as Sue Monk Kidd writes in her book The Dance of the Dissident Daughter, and Trust in myself is emerging to support that new journey.  So I’m letting it in and I’m embracing it with all of my might. I’ll need a lot of courage to stand up to my own inner doubters, but backed with commitment and an unbreakable trust in my own inner knowing, I know that I can stand strong in my root and give out what wants to be expressed.

Wishing you a magical year ahead filled with lots of trust in yourself.

Feel free to share this blog post and share in the comments below your own journey into trusting yourself, love to chat.