Thanksgiving Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Let’s remember that we are human and we have our faults,

and we are also the LIGHT in this world and we can be LOVE!!!

And from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much for being here, you inspire me, and I am deeply grateful and really appreciate every comment, every like, and your loving energy.

Many blessings and much love to you all!!!


The Queen of Swords Message for the Week

Hello friends,

Look who showed up the Queen of Swords, her message is exactly what I need for this week, does her message resonate with you too?

Keep your head above the clouds and away from the storms of the lower mind. See things for what they are, get clear on what you want, focus on your own growth and desires and move towards them unapologetically. Seek wise advice when you need and be open to receive.

Hold on to the energy of this queen and build a strong foundation for what you want and desire.

And how perfect is this card from Super Attractor deck, a reminder to trust you’re being guided.

Happy week!


Cards used –

Radiant Tarot by Avia Venefica

Super Attractor, Gabrielle Bernstein, artwork by Micaela Ezra


The Magic of Having a Word for the Year

Hello everyone, hope you’re having an awesome month. My piece that appeared in last months The Inspired Guide Magazine (here), I hope it inspires you.


I just love the freshness of a new year, don’t you?  There’s so much possibility you can just feel it in the air.  It’s a brand-new year, a brand-new slate.  It’s an invitation for new beginnings, there’s a renewed sense of hope.  Anything is possible.

One of the most powerful tools I have found to help me navigate through the year, is to have a word for the year.  A word brings meaning, focus, joy.  It shines the light on what I want to create, a gentle reminder that brings me back for when I lose myself. 

I started the practice of having a word a few years ago and for the first couple of years I chose my word, but for the last five years, words have been choosing me.  I now leave it up to the universe.  Every year my word shows up in October and every year it’s the perfect word.  My 2020 word is empowered, and empowered has been my saving grace this year.

The value of having a word

Your word is your comeback place, your center point, your companion.  It will help you to stay focused on your goals, make decisions, and bring you back when you lose yourself in the every-day hustle.  It sets a theme and paves the way. It’s your constant.

How to get a word

You can ask the universe for a word, stay open to receive, and trust that the perfect word will show up.

You can choose your word.  One way is to first review the year, and then decide what you want for the following year. 

Some questions to ask yourself –

What do you want to let go of?  Change?

What do you want to invite more of in the coming year?

What do you want to nourish?

How do you want to feel?

You can write out a list of words as they come to you, highlight the ones that stick out, narrow it down to three, from these which one tugs at your heart?  Once you find the word, hold on to it, see how it stays with you, carry it around for a week or so, see how you feel with it.  You’ll know when it’s the right word. 

Look it up in the dictionary, I’m always surprised at how much more meaning the word takes on.

What to do with your word –

Give it some love, bless your word and thank it for coming into your life. 

Keep it visible, you can make it the wallpaper on your phone, write it on an index card, color it, decorate it, stick it on your bathroom mirror.

You can also use it as a mantra, in meditation, say it in an affirmation.

Some words to get you started

Empowered.  Love.  Mindfulness.  Grateful.  Success.  Open.  Focus.  Space.  Calm.  Boundaries.  Clarity.  Movement.  Health.  Confident.  Simplify…

You can also have more than one word.  This year I chose ‘joy’ in February, because I wanted to feel joy and infuse joy in all I did.  And ‘purpose’ showed up in July. 

And at any time during the year if you feel your word no longer matches you, you’re free to change it. 

You’re meant to feel good, to have a spectacular life, to experience miracles

You’re designing your life every day, live with gratitude, treat yourself special every day and have a magical word, a word that empowers you to achieve your desires.

Your word is a force of the universe, it’s powerful and joyful – it’s your magic potion.

Do you have a magical word for the year? I’d love to know.



I Gave Myself a Challenge

I don’t know about you but getting inspired and creative has been a real challenge for me this year.

Today I got inspired to photograph these flowers, these are the last of a beautiful bouquet of flowers my granddaughters got me for my birthday and I’m sorry to say, I didn’t take a photo of the bouquet.

Towards the end of last year I bought a watercolor set, fully intending to learn how to use it and so far, I only used it one time with my granddaughter when i first got it. And I have other projects that I was intending to get going on and have done none.

I now decided that for the rest of the year I’m challenging myself to do one creative thing that makes me happy, every day.

How about you, have you been able to be creative, are you doing one thing every day that makes you happy?

Have a wonderful weekend!



When You Believe In Yourself…

Hello dear friends, hope you’re all well.  I woke up this morning with this thought, a magical sprinkle of inspiration from my higher self. 

When you believe in yourself you will show up for yourself –

Nothing will stand in your way, not fear, not doubt, not worry, not failure, you will show up for yourself, you will move forward towards your dreams.

When you believe in yourself, you’re empowered, motivated, strong, committed, you will take action, you will move mountains if you have to, you’re unstoppable. 

When you believe in yourself you focus on possible not limitations, you’re operating from your own inner wisdom, you create positive energy, you’re inspired, anything and everything is possible – when you believe in yourself.

Have a wonderful, amazing weekend 🙂



Happiness Is Giving Yourself A Daily ‘Pep-Talk’

Hello everyone, hope you’re all well. I’m so happy to post my my article that appeared in last months issue at The Inspired Guide magazine (here) Hope you are inspired, uplifted and encouraged.


If you walked near me in the parking lot on the way into the store and you could hear the chatter in my head, you would probably think I’m nuts (LOL) because what you will hear is – I am so talented.  I can do anything.  I’m young and vibrant and full of vigor. I’m a great writer.  I’m amazing…This is some of my daily ‘pep-talk’ to myself.  It just takes a few words to raise my vibration, make me feel good, empowered, happy, and have that I can do it feeling.

Loving yourself enough to really cherish who you are, to believe in yourself, to live with gratitude in yourself, is an attitude and mindset that you can cultivate. 

Growing up I wasn’t taught to believe in myself, to think of myself as beautiful, or that I could do anything.  At first, I was afraid to say loving words to myself.  I started jokingly saying, I’m wonderful.  Then I realized that a change was happening inside me, I wasn’t disliking and putting myself down, and I started to believe in what I was telling myself, and it was feeling pretty good.   

Last year when I had knee replacement surgery, it was my daily pep-talk that got me through it.  Telling myself, I can do this, I’m strong.  I’m healthy…it’s what helped me heal.  At times during the recovery period, when I got depressed, just a few encouraging words changed the way I was feeling and filled me with hope.

Why give yourself a pep-talk?

Because you are you.  Because you deserve.  Because you can.  Because it’s your life.  Your choice.  Because it’s good for you.  Because it will elevate you, open your heart, help you to become aware and awake to yourself. 

Every word that you say to yourself is either empowering or disempowering you, making you healthy or making you sick, it’s building you up or tearing you down.  Every single word is influencing your mood, how you see yourself, feel yourself. How you see the world around you.  Every word is influencing your experiences, and the actions you take. 

Giving yourself a pep-talk is like feeding yourself some spiritual medicine. 

Who hasn’t encouraged a friend, uplifted them with words like, you can do it.  I’m so proud of you.  You look great in that dress…A pep talk is not just reserved for others, and you don’t have to sit around and wait for anyone to come and tell you the warm, loving, encouraging words you want to hear.  You tell them to yourself.

Every word that uplifts you, empowers you, opens you up to yourself, opens the way to your inner truth, is like planting a little miracle inside of you.  Nourish yourself with a pep-talk, you’ll gain confidence, courage, trust in yourself.  You’ll gain self-esteem. Giving yourself a pep-talk can help you heal, it’s a great motivating tool.  It can get you through challenging times, it will fill you with happiness – I’m worthy of more.  I’m proud of myself. I am fearless…there’s so much you can say to yourself.  Do a google search to get ideas.

You are a magnificent miracle, blessed with the freedom of choice.  You can live your highest or your lowest self, it’s your choice.  Honor yourself, honor your life.  Nourish yourself with goodness.  Give yourself a pep-talk every day, talk to yourself in loving words because it’s your life and you deserve AMAZING!!!