It’s April so HAPPY

Hey everyone, it’s April and I’m feeling happy and joyful, hope you are too.

I love the color yellow, you can just feel it’s energy, it screams HAPPY!!! 

I really miss so many things, little every day things that I, like so many of us, haven’t been able to do during this pandemic. Things like just going out to the supermarket and finding a bunch of flowers, picking out vegetables that speak to my soul that day, or just going for a short trip to visit family. I took this photo a couple of years ago when I was in Las Vegas and we went to the Bellagio to look at their display for the Chinese new year.

Like I said I love the color yellow, but for the last couple of weeks yellow has been pulling at me, and it’s kind of been percolating in me waiting to be let out. Today I found out that yellow is the first prompt in Susanna Conway’s (here), April Love (here), one of her yearly photo challenges to bring some mindfulness into your day. So I joined in, makes me happy.

The color symbolizes friendship, happiness, joy, sunshine, hope, I can’t think of a better way to start the month of April.

How about you? How does yellow make you feel? I’d love to hear from you.

April Blessings


For the Simple Joy of ‘Delight’

I took these photos for the simple joy of ‘delight’.

I started reading Ross Gay’s book The Book of Delights (here) which inspired me to start a “my delight journal” purposefully finding little things in my everyday life that delight me. 

There is so much around me, that I don’t always notice.  So I decided to each morning intentionally set out to look for ‘delights’.

Delights can be anything, you can find it in something you read, or in the words your neighbor spoke, in preparing a meal, in the bird that just flew past your window. In a memory that just popped into your mind or delight in the time spent with grandchildren…Anything that makes you feel like sunshine on your face. No pressure, no must, no every day, but maybe once a week or twice a month, find delight and record it. It can be in a paper journal or online, whatever feels good for you. I’m keeping a paper journal, my favorite way to journal. Over time you will have accumulated your own journal of delights.

In the end this practice will make you more aware and appreciate your everyday with more gratitude.

What is delighting you today. I’d love to know.



Happy Monday And an Oracle

Hello wonderful people,

I trust you are safe, well and joy-filled.

It’s Monday YAY!!! I love Mondays, it has a fresh feel, it’s the beginning of a new week, it’s full of possibilities and opportunities. I feel open and ready to receive miracles.

I’m getting back into Tarot and Oracle, I got away from it for a while but I’m back into it now. I also have a couple of new decks which are very exciting to read with and I’m doing more intuitive readings for myself. So I’m loving it.

For this month I’m using the Magickal Herb Oracle, enchanting secrets from the garden by Cheralyn Darcy, I love these cards, I pull one every day and I’m pulling a weekly card as well. For this week Communication fell out as I was shuffling and her guidance is,

from the book – “You are being reminded to look after yourself and to listen to your body and inner voice. There may be a conflict that requires more attention from you, and perhaps your voice and point of view needs to be communicated more strongly. This is an opportunity for growth, for the physical realization of dreams, and the progression and goals is also available. Speak up but make sure you’re clearly heard, because there is energy around that will disrupt meanings when you communicate. Double check any form of correspondence to ensure it has been received.”

Hope this serves you, leave a comment I love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful, blessed week ahead.


A Poem for All Women

Love your life.

Love your-self.

You’re creating your life every step of the way.

Do something every day that will bring you joy and make you feel good.


Don’t hide yourself away.

Find out what makes you light up and do it.  Set that intention and you will find your way to it, to your passion.

Shine your light.

Let yourself grow, life is forever changing and moving, change and move with it.

Look for the magick and the wonder in every day.

Hold a vision for yourself.

Don’t let fear stop you, take fear with you and do it anyway, your dreams are worth standing up for.

Remind yourself that you are –







You are limitless.

You’re a spirit having a physical experience.

You’re here to experience all of what life has to offer.  The messy, the glorious, the everything.

Honor yourself, you’re a sacred being.

Don’t listen to anyone who puts you down.

Who doesn’t appreciate you.  Who wants to change you to be someone else.

Don’t hold on to what doesn’t matter.

Forgive yourself, forgive others, you don’t have to become their best friend, but forgiveness will set you free.

Be proud of who you are.

Be strong.

Believe in yourself, miracles will happen.

Always always always listen to your own heart.

Follow your own intuition.

Have a relationship with your inner guide, your inner goddess.

Love every bit of yourself.

Take classes.

Read books.

Do the inner work that will open you up to the mystery and the wonders of who you are.

See in yourself the gifts that are only yours, they’ve been put in you and are waiting to be unwrapped and sparkle.

See in you the brilliance, the magick – the love that is YOU!

You are the Universe.

You are amazing!!!

Happy International Women’s Day!!!



It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood…

Hello wonderful people,

How are you? Hope all is well for you.

I was sitting on my couch reading emails when I looked out the window and the sky and the tree looked so beautiful and the words, it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood popped into my mind. Of course you cannot think those words and not remember Fred Rogers, so I thought I’d share his entire poem.

“It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood,

A beautiful day for a neighbor.

Would you be mine?

Could you be mind?…

It’s a neighborly day in this beaurty wood,

A neighborly day for a beauty.

Would you be mine?

Could you be mine?…

I’ve always wanted to have a

Neighbor just like you.

I’ve always wanted to live in the

Neighborhood with you.

So, let’s make the most of this

beautiful day.

Since we’re together we might as well say:

Would you be mine?

Could you be mine?

Won’t you be my neighbor?

Won’t you please,

Won’t you please?

Please won’t you be my neighbor?

~ Fred Rogers

Hope this little poem fills you with a happy feeling.

And, please share what’s going on in your neighborhood today? I’d love to know.



Cookies are Delicious for your Soul

Hello wonderful people,

How are you doing? Hope all is well for you.

I thought I’d mix things up a bit and today I’m sharing something delicious for your soul, my new cookie recipe 🙂

A couple of years ago I found out that I have IC (interstitial cystitis) and my diet became very restricted, lots of things I cannot eat like spicy food, sugar, chocolate…and I don’t like taking medication so right now I’m able to control it with eating the right foods, foods that nourish me, are good for me, and keep me in a healthy way.

So one of the things I started doing is baking my own cookies with ingredients that are good for me. I use mostly organic ingredients and I substitute carob chips for chocolate chips, and I use organic, raw, unfiltered honey instead of sugar. The honey is really enough to sweeten the cookies to perfection.


Pre heat oven to 350/360 bake for 15-20 minutes, depends on your oven, and have all ingredients at room temperature before you start.

2 cups organic whole wheat flour

½ tsp baking soda

A dash of salt

1 stick organic unsalted butter

½ cup of organic raw, unfiltered honey

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 organic eggs (whites only)

1/3 cup carob chips

1/3 cup organic golden raisins

Mix the dry ingredients together, set aside.

Whip the butter until fluffy.  Add the honey and mix together, add the vanilla and mix, add the eggs and mix it all together.

Then add the dry ingredients and mix with spatula, when all is mixed add the chips and raisins and mix it all up.

I bake them for 20 minutes, at 360 degrees, I like them more well done.

These cookies are so delicious I can’t stop eating them. I have one after dinner every day, I honestly don’t know how I have the willpower to eat just one, well there are times like last night that I had 2, couldn’t resist 🙂

And I got this from my son, when they cool off, put them into a Ziplock bag and into the freezer, when you’re ready to eat one, microwave it for 30 seconds and whala tastes like it just came out of the oven.

Hope you try this recipe it’s really delicious. Leave a comment love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful day!