Surprising Health Benefits of Walking barefoot on the Grass

Hey wonderful you. Happy Sunday. Hope you’re well and feeling great!!!

The other day I went outside and I walked around barefoot for a bit on the grass in my back yard, and OMG it felt sooooo gooood.  When I sat down the bottom of my feet were tingling, I felt an energy in my feet, well, actually I felt an energy in my entire body.  L o v e it. Feeling that energy got me thinking why I’m not doing this more and I wanted to know more about the benefits.

This is what I found out:

The bottom of your feet have pressure points, they connect to every organ in your body when you touch the earth barefoot you’re connecting with and receiving the electromagnetic energy directly into your body, and that’s very healing. 

Research shows that walking barefoot on the earth helps with insomnia. Reduce pain caused by varicose veins, promotes good heart health, strengthens the immune system. Walking barefoot stimulates specific pressure points which then stimulate nerves and veins which improve your nervous system. It can reduce inflammation. And guess what else? Walking barefoot will automatically reduce any stress because as you’re walking the nerves in your feet are being stimulated which reduces stress. Touching the earth barefoot will improve your eyesight and there’s lots more but I’m trying to consolidate here.

I don’t know all the scientific research, but I do know how walking barefoot on the grass makes me feel.  So, I wanted to share this tidbit with you this week, and BTW you don’t have to just walk barefoot on grass, you can walk barefoot on the beach, on the sand, you can just stand in one place, or sit and put your feet barefoot on the earth, to receive it’s energy, just be careful not to step on anything harmful.   

We are a powerful positive force in nature and when we connect with the natural world we heal and expand.

If our beautiful earth can grow trees and flowers and weeds and vegetables it can grow us too. The same miracle that produces berries and spinach and all kinds of nuts, can produce health in us.

What do you think, I’d love to know.


What I’m doing

I love a bargain, so I got this book for $2.99 my next fiction read. Plus I couldn’t put down the last book I read from this author, so I’m hoping this will be another can’t put it down read.

The universe is constantly giving us signs and messages, sometimes the message is brought to us by a visitation from an animal. I just got this book about animal spirit guides, can’t wait to read.

Have a wonderful week ahead and many blessings.


It May Not Be Procrastination

Hey wonderful you. Happy Sunday. Hope you’re well and feeling great!!!

This past week was a week of ‘procrastinating’ for me, or at least that’s how I saw it until now. 

I actually had been feeling kind of out of it for a couple of weeks, but this past week I couldn’t get myself to do anything, I had no energy.  No matter how much I tried to force myself, I just couldn’t get off the couch. And suddenly it was Friday, it seemed like the week went by in a flash.  At first I was upset, and I felt anxious, because a whole week went by and I did nothing of what I had planned. There’s the course I signed up for, writing, going out for a walk…and when I don’t do anything, I feel like I’m letting myself down.

Going without giving yourself time to rest is like trying to drive your car on empty.

And now looking at it from a fresh perspective I realize that, what I thought of as procrastination was actually my body telling me I need to rest. 

Sometimes you just need to give yourself a moment of rest, a break from it all, let go and just do nothing and since I wasn’t paying attention to what I needed, it showed up disguised as procrastination. But, the reality is that, it was my body and mind telling me I need to stop, hit pause for a bit in order to refresh, recharge, renew, and reenergize.

Self-care is part of my healthy lifestyle and listening to my body is a must in order to maintain my wellbeing.  So, sometime I’m a little slow in learning LOL, but, I’m listening to my body now and following its guidance for rest. This week I’m paying attention to my needs, I’m hitting pause without feeling guilty, anxious, or thinking that I’m missing out.  I’m hitting pause knowing that this is what I need right now and the best thing I can do for myself is to honor my inner needs.

When your body, mind and spirit is exhausted, rest is exactly the nourishment you need to refresh, recharge, renew, and reenergize yourself.

So I’m sharing this gentle reminder for, hit the pause button and honor yourself with the gift of rest, when you need it.

^ ^ ^

What I’m doing

In my kitchen cause I fell in love with these gorgeous pink roses.

I absolutely love this check it out.

I’m getting into bullet journaling and I’m trying out different ways to track my daily goals, here.

Have a wonderful week ahead and many blessings.


Friday Musings and Goodness

Hello wonderful you, it’s almost the weekend YAY!!! Hope all is well and you’re great!

From my higher self –

Bloom at your own speed.

Blooming is not something you can rush.

Don’t compare yourself to others, every one of us is on our own time-table, moving on our journey, at our own speed.

You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone. You’re not behind. You don’t need to catch up.

You are where you are.

You can only learn and grow to the level of your own acceptance.

Look into yourself, what limiting beliefs are you holding onto that are stopping you from growing.

Those beliefs are like weeds and every time you remove a weed from the garden of your soul, you’re making room to bloom.

You are in charge of you, remove the weeds and plant new seeds. Open your mind and your heart and allow yourself to change.

Nourish yourself with goodness and – bloom!

What I’m doing

In my kitchen. Got these flowers on Wednesday while out shopping, they look so beautiful. I love flowers in my kitchen, pure joy.

I’m still reading this book I was able to extend it from the library for another 14 days.

Just finished, The Beach Reads Book Club by Kathryn Freeman, another couldn’t put down book.

Hope you enjoyed this little posting today. Let us know what you’re reading, doing, I’d love to know.

Have a lovely day and weekend.

Much goodness and blessings


July Inspiration

Doing a daily check in with yourself is a great way to self-care.  I’ve started a new practice, along with my regular journal writing, I’m also journaling these questions – how am I feeling and what do I need right now? These questions center and ground me to my own being.  They bring my focus onto myself and I’m most likely to embrace myself and give myself what I need throughout the day. It keeps me from getting drained and depleted. On days when I forget to ask the question, I don’t feel as nourished.

I love this new practice, I love asking the questions in my journal, and so I wanted to share it with you. It’s really making a difference throughout the day for me. My self-care practice has changed over time and I have to laugh because when I first started, I felt guilty and afraid, it was almost like a taboo thing to do. I wasn’t brought up to think of me or do anything for myself, I looked at it as being a very needy and selfish thing and how dare I. 

What I know now is that when you take care of yourself, you’re empowering yourself and functioning at your highest best. Your energy extends out of you, so when you’re feeling good, you’re extending that good energy out into the universe, and all those around you benefit.

How am I feeling?  What do I need right now?

You don’t have to write in a journal, you can just ask yourself the questions and pay attention to what comes up for you. Every day your needs may be different, today you may need a little emotional self-care. On another day it may be mental, physical or spiritual self-care. What you do doesn’t have to be anything big, reading a passage or two from your favorite book or, if you’re working, eating lunch by yourself, may be just the little pampering you need.

Taking time for your own self-care strengthens your relationship with yourself, it empowers you to live at your highest best. You’ll feel more balanced, less stressed. It can also have a positive effect on your long term health, and you’ll most likely be able to better care for those you love. These are just a few of the benefits of being mindful of yourself.

I’ve decided to commit to my new practice for the month of July. Come and play along with me, commit to yourself and take the necessary steps to bring yourself to greater health by putting your needs first and nourishing your mind body and spirit. 

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddha

Let me know what you think, I’d love to know.

Happy July + lots of blessings


Sunday Inspiration and Goodness

Happy Sunday guys, how are you? Hope all is well, and you’re great!!!

I was watching the speech legendary rapper Snoop Dogg gave when he received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and I really applaud him because, along with thanking some deserving people for his success, he also thanked himself (Here). It reminded me how important thanking yourself is.

So, Iet’s talk about – thanking yourself. We’re so quick to put ourselves down, and to believe that we’re not strong enough, or brave enough, but seriously, how often do we elevate ourselves and thank ourselves?

I don’t remember from where I got this, but thanking myself has become part of my self-care, and his speech reminded me that I haven’t thanked myself in a while for all that I do, and all that I am. All the challenges I’ve overcome, for showing up for myself, and all the work I’ve done to find me.

I know that for some, thanking yourself may be an outrageous concept, rooted in an old seeded belief you’re holding on to, like it was for me, but a belief can be changed.  No matter what, how big or small your accomplishment, or the challenges you have overcome, self-appreciation shows you that you can, that you’re more resilient than you think.  It holds you up to the light and opens the door towards compassion and love for yourself.

Thanking myself has changed the way I see myself. It’s helped me to be more confident and trust myself.

This is a powerful practice that helps you to feel yourself, it reminds you to be grateful and appreciate yourself. And when life presents you with a challenge, thanking yourself for what you have done, is a great reminder that you’re strong and able to grow and get through anything.

When you thank yourself you’re honoring yourself, you’re declaring your value and worth.

So, today I’m offering you to consider the possibility of appreciating yourself. Not for just the big challenges you’ve come through, but all the daily things too. For showing up for yourself, for not quitting on yourself, for going the extra mile to get there. For taking care of yourself every day. For doing the hard work, for believing in yourself, for failing and trying again… You play the greatest role in how you live your every day, thank yourself, you deserve to honor all that you are.

What I’m doing

Last week I started reading this book, I got the digital format from the library, I was hoping I could finish it in time since I only can get it for 14 days, but I read it in two, couldn’t put it down, so good 🙂

I’m now reading Tony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within. I’ve taken this book out before but returned it unread, I think I wasn’t ready for it. You know how it is, sometimes you’re just not aligned to receive the message. But, I’m loving it so far.


The picture is me, Sunday at home, relaxing, going to trim my flowers 🙂 Oh and just to keep it real, I did touch up the picture with this new app I have 🙂 so fun.

What do you think, are you thanking yourself? I’d love to know.

Have a wonderful day and week ahead,

Lots of goodness + blessings


Monday Love Note and Musings

Happy Monday guys,

Hey, have any plans for this week besides working?  Here’s a novel idea, put some intentional moments into your day.

There are so many wonders planted in the universe, but how often do we pay attention to them, how often do we miss the glorious miracles all around us, we’re so busy in our daily lives that we miss them, take them for granted, or worse don’t even care.  

This week make an intentional effort to see one thing daily. 

Stare into the beauty of a flower, watch a sunrise or a sunset.  Look up at the clouds. Breathe in the air intentionally letting it fill you with energy.  In the morning listen to the chirping of the birds, look at the magnificence of the trees right in your neighborhood.  Listen to the wind, the rain. Children at play, laughter. And we too are magnificent miracles, find something beautiful about yourself.

Just one small thing will open your heart and fill you with joy.   

What I’m doing

Today I start a new class with the beautiful Susannah Conway “Tarot for Your Inner Child”. Really looking forward to this.

Yesterday I started reading The Dutch House, I got the digital version from the library, hope I can finish it in time I only get 14 days.

And, this week I’m living intentionally looking at the wonder around me.


My son took this picture when he was in Mexico, he said, if you follow the river all the way to the end, it takes you to a huge park.

What’s on your agenda for this week, I’d love to know.

Have a wonderful week ahead,

Lots of blessings