Treat Every Day with Awe

Hello wonderful you,

How are you? Hope all is well, and you’re great!!!

I’m taking it easy this weekend, happily chillin LOL. This past week I came across this quote by Maya Angelou, and I love it, it’s so in alignment with how I want to live every day, so I thought I’d share it with you.

My thoughts:

Treat every day with awe, and feel the grace it offers.  Because, every day is new, holding new gifts, new opportunities, new beauty, new mountains to climb. Where we’re invited into the gifts of new surprises, new doors opening, new adventures to be had.

Treat every day with awe because, every minute holds the opportunity to make new choices, of letting go of old thoughts that keep us locked in the same place and don’t serve us, and picking up new thoughts, ones that elevate us, honor us, recognize our beauty and worth.

Treat every day with awe because, every day is here and when it’s gone we cannot bring it back.

And because every new day is our gift.

Leave a comment, I’d love to know your thoughts.

Have an awesome weekend!



Monday Love Note

Hello wonderful you,

I’m sinking into a moment of gratitude for these flowers, appreciating their beauty and just simply being grateful that they’re gracing my home. 

I felt so bad yesterday when towards the end of the day I remembered that they were still in the back seat of my car from the day before.  I put them in water and gave them some love and attention and within a couple of hours they perked up and look so beautiful in my kitchen, and I’m so happy and grateful.

Imagine what can be if we gave some love and attention to ourselves? 

So, this week my nurturing of myself will be on my thoughts. I’ve decided to pay close attention to my thoughts and allowing only those that uplift me, weeding out those that put me down, say I’m less than, and rub me of my natural worthiness and amazing-ness.

What do you think, will you join me in some self nurturing, celebrating your own amazing-ness? Leave a comment, I love to know.

Have a wonderful week. Blessings.


Tips to Make this Week a LIttle Easier for You

Hello, wonderful you. How are you? Hope all is well, and you’re great!!!

I’ve been thinking about how much pressure I’ve been putting on myself these past couple of weeks to be creative, to get things done, to not let time go by unnoticed. To finish reading, to write a blog post, to shop, to prepare, to go to appointments, to post on social media, (and BTW you can follow me here) until it finally dawned on me that I’m totally stressing myself out with gogogo and dododo and not taking time out to just be.

So here’s a thought for you:

Make your life a little easier this week and let go of having to be superwoman, things do not have to be perfect, you don’t have to finish every single project on your list. Prioritize. Cut yourself some slack. Perfectionism is overrated. It’s ok not to know everything. 

Remember you, remember to take out time to nourish and refresh every single day, if something you planned is not working out perfect, that’s ok, maybe it’s not meant to. 

Say ‘no’ to one invitation and instead take that time for you. Relax.  

Take daily breaks to just be quiet, if you’re working give yourself a mental break, go outside and have your lunch alone, eat your lunch in a park, in a restaurant by a window and watch all the people walking by.  If you’re in a safe place, close your eyes for a few minutes and breathe in deep. 

Give yourself a little pampering, get a cuppa, put your feet up you can do the laundry later.  Take a bath, light a candle, infuse the water with essential oil scents that are calming for your senses, like Lavender and Eucalyptus.  Give yourself a social media break and spend that time instead in quiet bliss.

Once or twice, or however many times you want, get take out so you don’t have to cook.

Listen to soft music, dance in your living room, read something uplifting. Fill yourself with positive vibes.  Say some positive uplifting affirmations.  Give yourself a pep talk, you can do it, you’re amazing, you’re strong and powerful. 

Do something every day that makes you happy.

And make things a little easier for yourself.

Let me know what you think, leave a comment, love to know.

Have a great, wonderful week ahead. Blessings.


A Little Monday Love

Hello wonderful you,

It’s Monday, it’s a brand new week filled with brand new possibilities waiting for you, and I just wanted to stop by and remind you of the importance of your own self-care.

My self-care is my #1 priority on my to do list.  Here are 7 tips that are part of my self-care that really make a difference in how I feel and how I see myself.

Attending to my self-care is what helps me to cope with challenging times, and helps me to live every day at my best. It feeds my soul.

What do you think? I’d love to know.

Have a wonderful week ahead, blessings.


Stress Buster tip that Really Works

Hello wonderful you, hope all is well and you’re great!!!

Today I want to share with you my, go-to, stress buster method.

My number one priority is keeping myself healthy, nourishing my body, mind and soul with love, joy, and living stress free.  This is my responsibility and my commitment to myself, and as hard as I try to live stress free, it creeps in, because life happens, and as you probably know stress is a killer, and it can trigger a host of health problems. 

Over the years I’ve used different ways to manage stress naturally. What I’m sharing with you today, is a simple but a very effective way to relieve stress. It’s been a great stress buster for me, it only takes a few minutes, and really calms my body and mind.

When I feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, annoyed, just having one of those days that can totally stress me out…I breathe in calm and breathe out ahhhhhhhh.

This is what I do:

I stop for a moment, close my eyes and mindfully breathe in as deep as I can, and as I am breathing in, I’m thinking to myself – I  a m  c a l m – I am inhaling calm into me, and as I breathe out, I think to myself – a h h h h h h h – I’m exhaling out of me all the stress, I’m letting it out of me. I’ll do this about three times, sometimes more, and with every deep breath, as I’m breathing I feel my body relaxing, and I feel myself filling up with calm and releasing out of me all the stress and tension and whatever else I’m carrying in me, that is not serving my wellbeing.

Breathe in – I  a m  c a l m – breathe out – a h h h h h h h . . .

You can do this anytime, whenever you need to, as many times as you need. (do this only when in a safe environment, not while driving 🙂 )

You are the powerful creator of your reality, you can mindfully remove stress from yourself, and fill yourself with calm.

Intentional deep breathing to release stress and regain calm, is one way to cultivate and stay in optimum health.

I’d love to hear what you think, what works for you, leave a comment let me know.

Have a wonderful calm weekend.

Love & blessings


Finding Joy in the Moments and Pears

Hello wonderful you, hope all is well and you’re great!!!

Today I’d like to talk about the moments in our days and pears.

Our days are filled with moments, all kinds of moments, and I love finding the moments that are filled with wonder and joy that every day has to offer. If we tune ourselves in to notice, we will find the moments that are calling to us, that are offering their special gift of joy to us. 

Today, my days’ moment were these pears I got form Sprouts.  They’re not ripe for eating yet, but they bring me joy just looking at them.

And I’m so grateful that I can eat them because since I was diagnosed with IC my diet is restricted, but pears is a fruit I can eat.

While I’ve been buying organic for over 10 years now, having IC has made me be even more aware of what I put into my body.  Part of my commitment to my own self-care is what I eat and how I treat my body.   Supporting my body with fruit and vegetables that have not been heavily sprayed with toxic chemicals is really important.  The more clean I eat the more good I feel.  Pesticides don’t just stay on the surface they seep into the fruit and vegetables, so even if you peel off the outer layer, you’re not removing all the pesticides and as you’re eating, you’re ingesting this toxic stuff into your system. So, especially fruit and vegetables whatever I can find organic, I’m buying it.

A couple of alternatives:

I know that organic can be a little pricey, so another option to organic is to visit your local farmer’s market and ask the vendors how they grow their fruit and vegetables, and what, or if, they use pesticides.  And believe it or not, frozen is good too. I’ve been yelling (well not really yelling) at my son about this, especially now during the pandemic he was buying more frozen than fresh. I always believed that fresh is best, but actually buying frozen is also an option. Because the fruit and vegetables are frozen immediately after harvesting, they do retain nutritional value. But, I still say there’s nothing like fresh when it comes to nutritional value, taste and flavor.

My feeling is that even if you’re not 100% organic, and I’m not, every little bit does make a difference.

Benefits of pears:

Pears offer a rich source of minerals, they’re an excellent source of antioxidants, and they are especially rich in vitamin C, potassium and copper, which helps with the immune system. Also, they are such a great source of soluble and insoluble fiber, for one thing soluble fiber helps to feed the healthy bacteria in our gut which is also thought to help with aging and the immune system, and who wouldn’t want that? They also have anti-inflammatory properties, good for the heart…and oh, let’s not forget that pears are, d e l i c i o u s!!!!! A google search and you’ll find lots of great information.

Tending to our self-care:

A few moments of joy every day, and some fruit and vegetables (happiness :)) supports our wellbeing and helps us to maintain our bodies in optimum health.

When we open our heart and tune in to our surroundings, we can find joy, sometimes in the most unlikely things, in the most simple moments, like in a couple of everyday pears – how delightfully delicious!!!

What has been your moment of joy? What’s your thought on organic? Leave a comment, love to hear from you.