Hello August!

I’m ready for August.

Hello august.png

I can feel the fresh new air of August holding with it change and transformation.

I’m ready to step into a new path, a more committed path to bring forth greater health, and more awareness of my self care.

I’m ready to be more mindful every day.

I’m ready to commit in a greater way to my writing, and to my inner work.

I’m ready to unfold a deeper knowing of the mystery.

I’m ready for lots of enchantment, miracles and magic.

Are you? What are you ready for? Can you feel the fresh of August?  Share in the comments below, love to chat.

August Blessings


Simple Self Care Magic

Look up at the clouds and let yourself float away…




Let your imagination take you away…

Who cares? It’s your life

Your imagination

Fly away…


Laugh out loud


Buy yourself a present

For no reason

Just because


Walk barefoot

In your house

On the grass

Feel the earth

Soak your feet in a bowl of salt water (Epsom salt)

Get a foot massage. Ahhhhhhh…


Gift yourself some dreaming.

Do something out of your ordinary routine.


Remove the chains of self doubt

Be brave

Love your im-perfect

Believe in yourself

Expand.  Allow.  Receive.

Give yourself beautiful thoughts about yourself

Connect with your intuition

Practice mindfulness – Be in the moment

Build a deeper relationship with yourself

Be grateful for YOU!

Cloud roof.png

Today bring some magic into your life

Set some sparkles off

Don’t pretend to be

Be – your true love

Be kind to yourself

Forgive your mistakes

Look at yourself in the mirror and say

I LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!

Have you given yourself magical moments?  Come share in the comments below and lets play in the magic together.

Magical Blessings


Why Bless the Day Ahead of You

For a very long time now, blessing my day ahead of me has been a part of my daily routine and I can tell you from my own experience that it really works. Ordinary days become extraordinary days.

When you’re blessing the day ahead of you, and giving thanks in advance, you’re inviting in and collaborating with the Universal forces to bring about the best highest energy for you and for all.  You’re being deliberate in your request and you’re setting yourself up for a divinely filled and guided day.

Field of pink.jpeg

This is what I do.

Every morning I call on all my angels, spirit guides, my animal spirit guides, my ancestors, all the celestial beings who are of the highest light and energy who are with me, and I ask for their protection and help in blessing my day ahead of me. And I thank them in advance for my day working out perfectly.

I bless myself and every one that I will come in contact with.  Everyone that will have a thought about me that day.   Everyone that I will pass on my way, whether I know them or not. If I’m going to work I bless everyone.  Every meeting I will be having, and everyone who will be at the meeting and I give thanks in advance for how perfect every meeting has turned out. I envision everyone happy with a smile on their face and love in their heart. While I’m asking I’m also giving out love from my heart for the day ahead of me. I say – I love everyone and everyone loves me. And it always turns out that way. Somehow during the meeting at work the perfect words come to me and I can always feel the loving positive energy in the room.

I bless my house my car the road I’ll be traveling on and all the cars and the people around me that are on the same road. All the trees the rocks the animals the sun…I feel myself inside a loving light and I extend that light out into the day ahead of me.

Field of flowers.jpeg

OK let me stop here and confess, I’m not perfect and I don’t remember to bless my day every day, but I feel that’s ok too because when I don’t remember it’s when I see the difference in the energy of the day which then reminds me of the magnificence that happens when I do.

It only takes a few minutes but it will make a huge difference in how your day unfolds. This intentional blessing is very powerful and when your intention is pure and from your heart, you ignite an energy that will serve you and everyone in miraculous ways.

Do you bless your day ahead of you?  Is it a practice you would like to start?  Love to know, leave your comment below and lets chat.



Why Give Yourself a Break

Some days you just need to take yourself out of the normal in order to restore the normal. You have to give yourself time to replenish and re-nourish your soul. You have to give yourself a break.  You can’t expect to get up every day and be the same and create the same. Every day is new, every day is different, every day brings with it a new set of energies.

Some days can be a real struggle to get to my creativity, to open that door, to get rid of my inner critic. To quiet my mind. And then there are those days when creativity flows so easily out of me, when the words just flow and when I feel so connected to the mystery.  I’m just totally amazed, and I am in wonderment of what I see before me on the page. It’s during those times of struggle that I have to remind myself that it’s ok, that I should take a break and allow the nothing to be also, it has a right to be there just as much as the creative doing.


You can’t force creativity, it’s either you’re open and it’s coming through you or it’s not. Forcing it never works, so I have to accept those days also and be gentle with myself and compassionate and allow myself to be in that place.

The last couple of days have been like that for me and after trying to create, to get into it and not being able to, I have to stop and…give myself a brake.

I have to remind myself that every day is new and brings new energies.

The same energies that were yesterday are not true for today and the same energies tomorrow will not be the same as today.

One day I may want to wear red and the next day I’m in black or brown or yellow.

One minute when i look up at the clouds i see animals and the next I see people.

And I’m constantly changing and I can’t be in the same energy every day.

Ceramic pots.jpeg

So I’m giving myself a break and I’m not getting stressed over that I can’t open to that inner place.  That I’m not able to allow.  That I need to create.  That I haven’t written what I had planned to.  That I can’t find the perfect photo.    Instead – I’m allowing myself to just be.


In other words – I’m giving myself a break.

Are you giving yourself a brake?  How do you handle the – nothing?  Feel free to share in the comments below, love to chat with you.



Why Look at Your Inner Truths

We see the world through the lens of our own set of beliefs. Whatever they are they color everything that we see. Change one belief that you have, change one negative into a positive, one fear into love and you change the way you see the world and your self.

When I was fifty I had a revelation, an awakening, and suddenly in one instant I knew that everything I believed in about life, about God and about me, was false, that my beliefs were not my own, they didn’t come from me, and I’ve been on a journey of unraveling this gift that is my life ever since.

The minute we change one of our limiting false thoughts about ourselves, we have opened the door to something different and more and we will immediately see the world around us in a different way.

Dyer quote3.png

As I uncovered each one of these tightly held false truths that made up my beliefs and I looked into my own heart and changed them to my own beat, my world started to change and I started to see everything different.  I started to feel different, love overtook fear.  I opened to unlimited potential and endless possibilities that I never knew existed before.  I became more me as I peeled each layer away and allowed my own inner beauty to emerge from my own center.  A whole secret world filled with mystery and magick was unfolding.

And God?  God suddenly was in my heart but, not the God I had known all my life, not the God of my parents that I feared.   This God, my God – is all love.

I can tell you that you and only you yourself hold the power to your life and the key to your salvation.  Excavate your beliefs one by one and change what you don’t feel right about.  Accept only those beliefs that will serve for your highest good and that of all.  Remember Wayne Dyer’s words that “When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.” and to change the way you look at things, you need to look at your inner truths.

How are you seeing your world?  What beliefs are you holding onto that are blocking you and limiting you?  Come and share your thoughts in the comment section below, love to chat.



Bright July a Month to Love Yourself

I open the space of July to allow the miracles to pour into me.

I allow for magick to be born and for Divine Love to reveal Herself.

I open to the brightness of July, I cleanse myself of old negative energies and I open to new bright energies that serve me in a greater way.

I let myself trust and believe in the mystery of life.

I let myself move into the loving grace that awaits me, and I let myself love me.

I deserve this love.

I am one with this love.


July is a month of ME.

Make yourself a priority.

Pencil yourself in to your calendar and schedule yourself for a daily dose of me time.

What do you need right now?

Meditate.  Listen to music.  Laugh. Buy yourself a present just because.

Listen to your body.

Yello red flower

Elevate your thoughts about yourself.

Say affirmations that support you right now.

Do one nice thing for YOU daily.  (This doesn’t mean you don’t love the world, or your family.)  Sit by yourself and have a cup of tea.  Put your feet up.  Take a nap.  Go for a walk.  Listen to your inner voice.

Appreciate and honor your body. When you shower do it with loving thoughts for every part you wash.

Make yourself a priority.  Don’t leave yourself for last.  You matter.  You are special.  You deserve.  You are worthy and precious.


It’s time to nurture yourself and grow into yourself.

This is a month to heal –  To open and receive.  To welcome possibilities and opportunities that will grow you.

Stay mindful throughout the day.  Capture moments of bliss.

Be grateful for you – Open to your vision of yourself.

This is you, it’s the only you there is and ever will be, inside the only life you will ever have as you – Make time for you!

Are you making time for you?  Love to know, come and share in the comments below.

Bright Blessings