It’s All About Ornaments & Holiday Things

This week it’s all about the ornaments and other Christmas things. I love looking at them in the stores and I love placing them around my home.  You can read my other two holiday posts here and here.

I bought this happy whimsical Santa a few years ago, it’s in my son’s office.


And yes, I just love glitter and here’s a basket full of glitter ornaments, at Pier 1.


Love these Santas too (big smile)



I don’t have a Christmas tree, but I love to place ornaments and other Christmas things around my home, they fill me with joy and smiles.  🙂



During this holiday season with all the family obligations, work obligations, children school plays, baking cookies, and all the rushing and buzzing around it’s easy to lose yourself in this pool of whirlwind activities and before you know it, the holiday is gone, another year has began and you’re exhausted.

So, take some me time. Sit and have a cup of hot something, put your feet up and just relax and give your mind and body a rest, even if it’s just for ten minutes, it’ll do wonders for you.


Well beautiful friends, I’m taking my presents and going to hibernate in the North Pole for a couple of weeks LOL.  Looking forward to doing nothing and just relaxing, drinking some hot coco or tea.  Thinking and planning a bit for the next year.  Indulging in Christmas cookies and tamales and spending time with my family.

nut cracker

Until 2018, a big thank you for being here with me.  Wishing you a wonderful Holiday and a healthy, happy, prosperous and blessed New Year, to you and your family – from my heart to yours.

Oh and come and join me, I’ll be popping in, so lets continue this 2017 holiday celebration with joy and wonder.  Post your own picture of your favorite ornament, (one only please) that fills you with joy, here in the comments bellow, or join me at my face book page, here , and join in the fun.

Lots of Love and Blessings always




Happy Earth Day

You carry Mother Earth within you.  She is not outside of you.  Mother Earth is not just your environment.  In that insight of inter-being, it is possible to have real communication with the earth, which is the highest form of prayer. ~ Tich Nhat Hanh


We live in partnership with our precious Mother Earth, not separate.

Earth Blessings


Why Have a Ritual

I’m continuing February Love with Ritual – I love my morning ritual, it’s my totally alone time with the Universe.  It doesn’t take me long and it makes all the difference in the world for how the rest of my day unfolds and feels.  I carry with me the peace and blessings of this sacred energy for the rest of the day.


Here is where I stand and open to the mystery.

Here is where I am open, present, ready and willing to receive the gifts of our Holy Mother of Miracles Manifest.

Here is where I honor and give gratitude to all my angels, my spirit guides, my physical mother and father, my ancestors, my animal spirit guides and all of the celestial beings who are with me supporting me, protecting me, loving me and blessing me with their wisdom.

Here’s where I open myself up to letting the wonder and magic come in.

Here is where I declare every day that I expect miracles today.

Here is where I remind myself to step into my power.

Here is where I am in union with and consciously open my heart to Holy Mother.

Here is where I shine love, healing and blessings out into the world.

Rose.jpegI start by lighting candles and incense and smudging myself and my space to remove and release all negative energies, all fear, and all thoughts that limit me.

I say my prayers

I bless everyone, myself and the Universe

I say my mantra 108 times while holding my mala beads

I say my affirmations

I give thanks

Here is where I declare to bring forth  –

My highest light

My highest love

My highest visions

My highest service

My highest gratitude

My highest gifts

My highest health…

Enveloped in this love the tone is set for the day for me.


And when I’m done I write at least three pages in my journal, a practice I started after reading Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way.

Rituals fascinate me, I started my practice only a few years ago it’s not something I grew up with.  My parents were holocaust survivors, after the war they didn’t believe in God.  There was no religion in my home and God was something to fear.    My ritual which is always evolving has totally changed my life.  It’s become such a sacred time for me that I’m jealous and protective of it, actually I get annoyed when I have an early morning appointment and I don’t have the time to savor the deliciousness of it.

Rituals hold power , magic and miracles within themselves.

I invite you and encourage you to create a ritual if you don’t already have one.  It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out thing, it can be as little as five minutes.  And it can be anything that brings you comfort and peace.

Sit quietly and tune into your body for 5 minutes.

List 5 things in a gratitude journal that you’re grateful for.

Stare into space sipping your coffe for 5 minutes.

Dance joyfully for 5 minutes in your home.

The list in endless. Do what feels good for you. You don’t have to have a morning ritual it can be at anytime, it can be out in nature, doesn’t matter.  You don’t have to spend a lot of time, money or effort.  It should be organic and come from your heart.  If you can manage more time that’s great and if not 5 minutes is all you need to create a shift in your life and find the magic that is waiting for you.

Create a ritual for yourself that will empower you, fill you with joy, peace and wonder.  And very important – have fun with it.


What is your ritual?  Is it in the morning/evening?  What’s one thing that you do that centers you, lights you up?  Do you want to start one?  Come share in the comments below.

With Blessings and Gratitude


Affirmation for Everyday

I am always divinely guided!

I said this affirmation yesterday morning and carried it with me like a mantra repeating it throughout the day.  I had it in my mind, in my heart and on my tongue.  I repeated it when I was stuck in heavy traffic which was making me late for an appointment.  I repeated it when I was at work and there was a situation I had to address.

Repeating this affirmation reminded me that I am always deeply loved and supported, I am not alone, the universal forces are holding me up and carrying me to exactly where I need to be and supporting me in every moment.


At the end of the day when I thought about it I could see how this affirmation really opened me up to the guidance that the universe was giving me and how I followed.

By holding this affirmation in my mind and heart I was saying – YES – I am open and willing to follow.

Try it out for yourself, carry these words with you and throughout the day affirm it to yourself and see how your day will unfold.-

I Am Always Divinely Guided!


Copyright Masha G. Ellman 2017

A Sprinkling of Christmas Magic

I just got back from spending a few glorious days in Las Vegas visiting my son and family.  I love going this time of year because I love checking out all the Christmas decorations around.  Pure delightful magic.

First, here’s a view from my window in the early morning hours, looking at the strip, the mountains, the sky.  Amazing.

Strip view.jpg

When I’m looking at all the Christmas decorations and am listening to holiday music I feel transported into a magical fairytale place.

Christmas ornaments at the Fashion Show Mall located right on the strip, this is hanging from the ceiling.

File Dec 15, 3 20 50 PM.jpeg

Another magical creation.

File Dec 15, 3 31 43 PM.jpeg

I was so busy looking at the window displays and got so excited taking photos of these mannequins I didn’t notice the name of the store 🙂

Mannequin in window.jpeg

There is lots of white to bring holiday cheer.


OK I’m in fantasy heaven now, my son brought me to the Wynn Hotel and everywhere I looked it’s amazing.

Decorations wynn.jpeg

Carousel wynn.jpeg

My wonderful son and my beautiful granddaughter, here in wonderland.


Lights, lights and more lights and Christmas trees everywhere.  Love it.

Joy.  Joy.  Joy.

Trees at wynn.jpeg

And can’t leave out Channel window inside the Wynn Hotel.

Channel window.jpeg

And another store I didn’t get the name I was too busy capturing the window scene.

File Dec 16, 6 19 30 AM.jpeg

Thanks for coming on this enchanting fantasy with me.

Christmas flower.jpeg

Wishing you an amazing and blessed holiday filled with magic, love, peace and joy!!!

Copyright Masha G. Ellman 2016

I’m Celebrating the End of My 60’s

I’m celebrating – Yes, I’ll be 70 in November and I’m celebrating the end of my 60’s.

My 60’s were all about finding revelation, looking for salvation. Searching for the mystery that grabbed a hold of me.  Opening and getting to the life force within me. Searching for a deeper knowing.  A wisdom that was beckoning from somewhere deep within.

My 60’s have been a decade of pushing, digging, breaking through walls I didn’t even know existed. Walls I built up and kept from the time I was a small child. Tall walls. Big fat hard walls. Walls of steal.



It’s been a decade of finding my way through the thickest of forests. Climbing impossible mountains and swimming in the deepest of oceans, in order to move beyond, to tear down, to unlock the chains that inhibit me and keep me hidden.  To get passed it all, to reach a new place. Little pebbles, stones, big stones and even huge stones, I’ve kicked them all out of the way. I’ve had help from Kali, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Lakshmi, Freya, Holy Mother, my angels, spirits, animal spirit guides, ancestors, Lord Ganesha. And there have been some wonderful teachers along the way and books and courses that I took that helped in unlocking the mystery.

I unearthed, uncovered, met my shadow self head on and got rid of inner critics that were telling me I’m not enough and replaced them with affirmations of glorious self worth, YES.

And finally, finally I’ve torn down the FEAR wall, the biggest one of all. You know, that wall that keeps you from stepping into your power. The wall that stops you dead in your tracks. The one that screams – N O T  G O O D  E N O U G H -written in huge letters all over it. Fear will paralyze you. Fear will keep you from your worth. Fear will keep you in your small place.  It’s that one wall that I held on to the tightest. It took lots of courage, strength and tenacity.  It took trust, faith and surrender, to move it out of the way.


I’ve learned much along the way; I’ve uncovered much about my inner world. I’ve come to know myself in a way I’ve never before.  In other words I’m celebrating getting through. Finding me. Yes ME!  And the greatest find of all is the revelation of My Goddess.

I Am.  I Am.  I Am.

Ready for a brand new hight of consciousness, a journey that holds promise and new teachings and celebrations.

Celebrate with me, come and share your thoughts.


Copyright Masha G. Ellman 2016