You are Worthy of Exceptional Self-Care

“Nourishing myself is a joyful experience,

and I am worth the time spent on my healing.”

~ Louise Hay

It’s easy to loose track of our intentions that we so carefully set for ourselves when we are in the midst of all the hooohaaa of our daily messes. It’s easy to forget promises, commitments and intentions, so how do you keep them up front and center?

Create a plan that will give you guidance and support during the week and you don’t loose sight of the importance of you. Remember you are worthy of exceptional self care, that doesn’t make you a bad person. As a matter of fact it’s just the opposite, when you take great care of you, than you can also give great care to others.


Here are 3 easy and simple suggestions: Take what feels good to you and leave out the rest.

First weed out from your mind all the thoughts that are stopping you. All the reasons why you are not important enough. All the thoughts that say that you’re not deserving. All the thoughts that say that you’re a bad person for thinking of yourself as special. Think about it, are these thoughts your own or did you acquire them along the way from well meaning people in your life and you made them your own?

Write down your commitment, your intentions or any promises that you have made to yourself and read it every morning and every evening, this way you will not loose sight of what you desire for yourself. I strongly encourage you to do this, don’t leave it up to memory, I know I’ve done it, when I’ve left it to memory it never worked for me.

And lastly place sticky notes (yes, I’m really a big one on this) where you will see them to remind you throughout the day. I place them on my bathroom mirror, dashboard of my car, fridge to mention a few places. If you work place it on your computer if you can and it doesn’t have to be a long dissertation, just a word or two that will have meaning for you and will trigger your memory.

When you make self-care a priority in your life you are declaring to yourself and the universe – that you are worthy – that you are special – that you deserve – that you are important.

This is your journey, investing in yourself by honoring you and recognizing your sacred life – magic will happen.





How do you take care of you?  Do you have a routine, or do you put yourself on the back burner?  Leave a comment, let us know.

Self Care Blessings

Copyright Masha G. Ellman 2016

How to Reach Your Goal

I was just telling my son the other day that I don’t have the same will power that I used to have and I’m not really sure why? Lazy maybe? Last month I decided that I wanted to lose 20 pounds for my birthday in November, (I’ll be 70) and I set my intention to be mindful of what I feed my body. But, I haven’t really stuck to my intention, if anything it’s been the opposite and this last week I have totally fallen off that wagon. Aghh! (not a good thing)

I realized that if I don’t keep my goal in front of my mind all the time I easily deviate from it. So with the full moon in Capricorn and the sun in Cancer right now, this is a great time to begin again and to keep myself responsible and accountable for reaching my goal.


Studying Tarot I found out that according to the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot that my personality card is Strength, I’m keeping this Tarot card as a reminder to keep myself strong, to empower me and know that – I can do it. I am not giving into my laziness I am stronger than it.

Here is my course of action:

I have placed sticky notes on my bathroom mirror so I can be reminded first thing in the morning and on my fridge as reminders.

When I’m in the supermarket I’m not even going down the potato chip aisle, I’m boy cutting that, nothing there I need, not even looking.

I’m keeping a shopping list to keep me on track and not deviating from it.

When the urge to ‘nosh’ overtakes me, I’m reminding myself that I am a food addict, and that the desire is only a momentary thought in my mind and I’m stronger than that.  I can turn it around and get passed it.

Giving gratitude at the end of the day for my accomplishment for that day, will strengthen my resolve to meet my goal.

My affirmation –

                                     I am strength!

This will keep me tuned into and responsible for my own nurturing, health and reaching my goal, and I hope that I can report to you guys in November that YEEEAAAAHHHH!!! I’ve done it.

What do you do to stay on track to reach your goals?  Lets share and encourage each other.

The card above is from the Wild Unknown Tarot deck.


Copyright Masha G. Ellman 2016


Get a Dream + Make it BIG!

I once read someplace that when you’re watching TV you’re watching someone else’s dream come true.

When you see someone who came from poverty and achieved what must seem like the impossible, do you sometimes wonder, how did they do it? Well, they did it because they had a dream they focused on.

For years I lived my life without a dream. And sad as this may sound, I didn’t even know that I could have a dream. I just lived what haphazardly happened because I din’t know different and because with or without a dream your life will go on.

Mostly we have little dreams. How often do you hear people say this, and I was one of those people – I just want my health.  When you have your health you have everything. Or, all I want is enough money to be able to pay my bills.

Why dream within limitations? Why not have both? Why not have your health and money, lots and lots of health and lots and lots of money? And lots and lots of happiness too.

Who said it’s gotta be one or the other?

If you cannot see yourself with more than just having enough money to pay your bills, than that is exactly what the universe will give you.


You get what you ask for, what you can see yourself with, with how much you are willing to accept for yourself.

This is the way it is. It’s the law of the universe.

Why not have BIG DREAMS? Why not wish and want and desire something greater than great?

When you have a dream you ignite a spark in the universal force that moves to meet you to bring your dream into fruition. Of course you have to do your part in this. And the universal forces will move mountains to meet your dream.

We are each the creator of our own life. We create with or without a dream, and dreams – BIG DREAMS – push us to live our greatness. And this can be pretty scary.

Sometimes we don’t have dreams because we don’t know we can. And sometimes we don’t have dreams because they scare us. Marianne Williamson wrote, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.” To have a – BIG DREAMS -is to dare to live our life in greatness, it’s to live inside our power.



Here’s how you can start.

Move through the fear, don’t let that stop you. – You deserve to have BIG DREAMS.

Identify your dream.

What is it that you really, really want?

Focus on it.

Write it down. Write it down again and again.

Focus on it every single day.

Give it space in your life.

If you can’t take big steps, take small steps towards it. With every new small step towards it you’ll become more courageous.  And with every step, the less frightening it becomes and the more real it grows into being until it truly becomes a part of who you are.

Bring it to your mind every day, keep it in front of you so you don’t forget it.

Write it on sticky notes, place them where you will see them.

What you focus on manifests.

The more you focus on your dream the more courage you will gain to achieve it.

For every one step you take towards your dream, the universal forces will take a hundred.

One of my dreams is to encourage and inspire you to move past your fears and to get to your dreams.

Come and join in, state your dream in the comments below, ask questions, lets encourage each other.


Big Dream Blessings

Copyright Masha G. Ellman 2016

The Magic of Flowers

“The earth laughs in flowers” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

“I must have flowers, always, and always” ~Claude Monet



I love taking photos of flowers it stirs a creative note inside me that has been dormant for too long. I have always loved flowers since from the time I was a very small child.

These are just some of the beauties I saw and had to capture through my lens when at the supermarket. And this is a perfect time of the year to catch the magic of summer flowers. The colors are so rich they evoke happiness you can’t help but smile as you feast your eyes on them.

Their openness calls to you inviting you to open to your own inner beauty and let it shine out.

Flowers have power they nourish our psych. They touch us at our very core and fill us with happiness all the way down to our cells. You cannot look at a bouquet of flowers or at even one flower and not feel something.


Flowers stir our emotions. We use flowers to decorate our homes and ourselves. In Hawaii culture a woman will wear a flower on the right side of her hair close to her ear to show that she’s single and available. We decorate our places of worship and our altars. We use them as offering to our Goddesses. Red roses are for Our Lady of Guadalupe; the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi is depicted sitting on a pink Lotus flower and a lotus flower is associated with Buddhism, mindfulness. A yellow rose is given as a token of friendship.

We use them for baptisms. Weddings and funerals and everything in between.

They speak to us and are connected to us on a level that we do not readily understand.

We give them as tokens of our love. We bathe in their fragrance; we drink their nectar and wear perfume laced with their fragrance.


I buy flowers often and have them in my home. First I thank them for their beauty and for the energy that they fill my home with. Every time I walk by them I can’t help but smile. They have a way of uplifting our mood, put a smile on our face and fill us with an overall sense of wellness. They fill my space with joy.

When they are finished and ready, I thank them again for filling me with happiness and beauty.


Remember every single thing in this universe is conscious and by thanking them and being grateful for their presence, you are honoring the very force of creation.

“The force that through the green fuse drives the flower…” ~Dylan Thomas


Happy flowers!!!

Copyright Masha G. Ellman 2016

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

So guess what? This morning I was standing in front of my mirror and I asked who is the prettiest in all the land and the mirror responded – but you of course. LOL

Wouldn’t it be great if we could easily do that, just stand in front of our mirror look into it and hear it declare out loud YOU’RE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL and believe it in our heart?

Imagine how you would feel if you nourished your body your mind and your spirit with good wonderful thoughts about yourself instead of thoughts that are constantly putting you down. I’m too big. I’m too small. My thighs are too fat too skinny. I wish I had a bigger, no smaller… My hair is just awful today. My… I can’t believe I said that, did that.  Thoughts that create low self esteem and fill you with hatred for your own self. (Sound familiar?)

Instead, can you imagine how you would feel if that inner self talk would be the opposite and all you would constantly feed yourself would be uplifting, inspiring, encouraging words that will make you feel good, healthy, loving instead of feel awful about yourself that rob you of your magic and joy?



Seeing ourselves in a different way has the ability to alter our state of mind and change us at a cellular level. Believing that we are loving and wonderful. Giving our selves permission to not be perfect all the time changes our consciousness and that changes our reality about ourselves. When our inner reality is changed our outer reality is changed. What we see on the outside, how we view our surroundings and our world, is a reflection of what is inside of us. – In other words, what we think about ourselves inside of ourselves is what we project towards the outside and that is what is reflected back at us.

I remember years ago there was a quiz in Glamor magazine and the question was to name 10 things you liked about yourself. I couldn’t name even one. Although today I accept myself and love myself and fill myself with loving thoughts about myself, I do still struggle with low self esteem and there are times when that inner critic shows up and starts berating me hitting me with stuff like, I can’t believe you said that, how stupid, how inappropriate, what’s wrong with you? You should have been more compassionate, more understanding. OMG I can imagine what they must think of you.  (Yayck!)

But what I do now when that negative, accusing inner critic shows up is, I recognize it, tell it to stop, to go outside and play in the park and leave me alone. – And while yes, this may not be easy I suggest you do it anyway, get that negativity out of your head, it’s creating havoc in your life.  (more on how to in another blog post)

Start Today

Go ahead, look at yourself in the mirror declare your beauty, turn that negative self talk around and declare your love for yourself, say just one wonderful thing to yourself, turn one put down word into an uplifting loving word.

When you are full of wonderful, inspiring, uplifting thoughts you fill the universe with the same.




See your reflection staring back at you and declare I’M AMAZING!!!


Listen to your inner self and become conscious of the thoughts you carry around with you all day long. They are the thoughts that are shaping everything about you. Your experiences, your actions, your choices, your relationships, how you feel every day.

They make up your reality.


Copyright Masha G. Ellman 2016

How to Nourish You

Your life is a gift, it’s something to cherish and take care of.

You’re made up of body, mind and soul and each part while being an entire whole onto itself, is a part of what makes up – you.  When you concentrate on one part over another you can become unbalanced, out of whack, and you can feel depleted and out of energy.

Nourishing all of you equally creates a well balanced frame that can support you.


MIND – Be mindful of the seeds you plant in the garden of your mind. Be mindful of the thoughts you allow to fester and grow.  They can either uplift and encourage, give you strength and insight or they can tear you down.  Remember to weed out the negative that can keep you from being the soul you came here to be and give the gifts you came here to give.  Weed out the small thoughts that are growing and hanging around.  Don’t water them.  Pull them out

BODY – Live mindful of the nourishment that you feed your body. Exercise regularly, and guess what?  It doesn’t have to be a rigorous work out, but our bodies were meant for movement – dance, run, walk around your neighborhood, lift your arms up high and back down a few times. Do whatever you can. Go outside let the sun touch your skin, sit outside and breath in the air, feel the wind touch your face. Give your body some love, tell it thank you for supporting you, tell your body you love it. Feed it nourishing thoughts of love and caring. Eat healthy. I love to buy locally grown (organic when I can) vegetables and fruits and know that not only am I feeding my body healthy nourishment, but I’m also supporting our local farmers.

SOUL – Spend some time in sacred space every day. Create a daily ritual that will connect you with the Divine and with your higher self. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, it doesn’t have to take up tons of time, just a few minutes sitting in contemplation of the Divine, repeating a mantra, giving thanks, writing in your journal all of these can be sacred moments that bring joy to your being and connect you to a higher love.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.  Come and share your routine for nourishing your life.


Copyright Masha G. Ellman 2016