Helpful Tip to Get Your Dream Going

Spend a few minutes in the morning before you start your day before emails, iPhone, Instagram, Facebook…it doesn’t have to be long, just a couple of minutes, just enough to remind yourself of your precious dream. If you have a vision board, look at it, envision the things on it.  Bringing your dream to the forefront of your mind will encourage you to take a step towards it, even a small step is a huge move towards the creation of your dream.

Maybe you need to develop it more, focus on it more…whatever you are in need of, bringing your dream out daily and looking at it, showering it with love,  will move it towards the creation of it.  What you’re doing by bringing it out daily is making it more attainable, more real, you’re affirming it’s existence, you’re saying YES to Universal Mind, YES – this is what I want.

Purple flower.jpeg

I read these words on my friend Diana Frajman’s blog Crone Confidence and I immediately felt like they were mine – create, teach, motivate.  Yes, that’s exactly it.  That’s what my dream is.  I changed them a bit for them to be more me – I create – I share/teach – I inspire.  I wrote them down on a sticky note and posted it on my refrigerator so I can see them all the time every day.  They are a part of my dream and looking at them as I pass by them I’m reminded of my passion, of what I’m meant to do and dream of doing.  They hold a special magic within them that I can’t explain.

I create

I share/teach

I inspire

If you can identify your dream in this way, do it.  If you have a title for your dream, write it and place it where you will see it all the time, or just write – my precious dream.  We all get busy and forget about our magic and we need reminders.  I love sticky notes (especially pink) they’re great and you can stick them on your computer, on your bathroom mirror, in your car…  This is one sure way to keep your dream in front of you trust in the process and grow it.

When you start your day bringing forward your precious dream in the morning, you will carry it with you throughout the day.  In this way it will become more real, more a part of you and you will get your dream going.

Can you start right now to bring your dream forward?  Share in the comments below, love to know what’s your process for reminders towards your dream.



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My big joy is to inspire, encourage and empower you to live the sweetest life for you. I love to share inspiration, how to, and my own journey towards wholeness and union with our Divine Mother. Oh and I love photography and cooking. I am thrilled that you are here and sharing in this wonderful magical mystery.

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