Sunday Inspiration and Goodness

Happy Sunday guys, how are you? Hope all is well, and you’re great!!!

I was watching the speech legendary rapper Snoop Dogg gave when he received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and I really applaud him because, along with thanking some deserving people for his success, he also thanked himself (Here). It reminded me how important thanking yourself is.

So, Iet’s talk about – thanking yourself. We’re so quick to put ourselves down, and to believe that we’re not strong enough, or brave enough, but seriously, how often do we elevate ourselves and thank ourselves?

I don’t remember from where I got this, but thanking myself has become part of my self-care, and his speech reminded me that I haven’t thanked myself in a while for all that I do, and all that I am. All the challenges I’ve overcome, for showing up for myself, and all the work I’ve done to find me.

I know that for some, thanking yourself may be an outrageous concept, rooted in an old seeded belief you’re holding on to, like it was for me, but a belief can be changed.  No matter what, how big or small your accomplishment, or the challenges you have overcome, self-appreciation shows you that you can, that you’re more resilient than you think.  It holds you up to the light and opens the door towards compassion and love for yourself.

Thanking myself has changed the way I see myself. It’s helped me to be more confident and trust myself.

This is a powerful practice that helps you to feel yourself, it reminds you to be grateful and appreciate yourself. And when life presents you with a challenge, thanking yourself for what you have done, is a great reminder that you’re strong and able to grow and get through anything.

When you thank yourself you’re honoring yourself, you’re declaring your value and worth.

So, today I’m offering you to consider the possibility of appreciating yourself. Not for just the big challenges you’ve come through, but all the daily things too. For showing up for yourself, for not quitting on yourself, for going the extra mile to get there. For taking care of yourself every day. For doing the hard work, for believing in yourself, for failing and trying again… You play the greatest role in how you live your every day, thank yourself, you deserve to honor all that you are.

What I’m doing

Last week I started reading this book, I got the digital format from the library, I was hoping I could finish it in time since I only can get it for 14 days, but I read it in two, couldn’t put it down, so good 🙂

I’m now reading Tony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within. I’ve taken this book out before but returned it unread, I think I wasn’t ready for it. You know how it is, sometimes you’re just not aligned to receive the message. But, I’m loving it so far.


The picture is me, Sunday at home, relaxing, going to trim my flowers 🙂 Oh and just to keep it real, I did touch up the picture with this new app I have 🙂 so fun.

What do you think, are you thanking yourself? I’d love to know.

Have a wonderful day and week ahead,

Lots of goodness + blessings


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My big joy is to inspire, encourage and empower you to live the sweetest life for you. I love to share inspiration, how to, and my own journey towards wholeness and union with our Divine Mother. Oh and I love photography and cooking. I am thrilled that you are here and sharing in this wonderful magical mystery.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Inspiration and Goodness

  1. Masha, thank you so much for this post. I thank Spirit as well as the other people in my life a lot, but thanking myself? To be honest, that IS a new concept for me, and it’s one that I will take to heart. 🥰

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    1. Awwww so happy that you will take to heart. Ever since I started to ‘thank myself’ too, it’s made an impact on me. It’s made me stronger in the way I see myself, and I know it will benefit you as well. Thank you for your wonderful comment. Blessings xoxo

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  2. GREAT POST! Words of wisdom from a wise friend! You know, growing up as Christian, I so often heard how important it was to put others ahead of yourself. My mother once said, “You think a lot of yourself, don’t you”. It was her belief that you weren’t supposed to love yourself. We grow up hearing this and that and it becomes a part of who you are. Every cell in your body gets brainwashed with negative thoughts and they really become who we are. Over the past few years I have “awakened” and through reading and watching videos and documentaries, I have discovered the truth about me. You have to love yourself to love others. You have to appreciate yourself to be able to appreciate anything or anyone else. Realizing and believing these things is one thing, but reprograming yourself is not an easy task… You have to get your conscious and subconscious mind in tune so your cells become reprogramed. I say your cells, because I read where your cells think independently. Even your heart and brain think independently. So, what you say is so true. You have to appreciate yourself. Every time I receive something or see something amazing, I always say thank you. I used to go through a list of body parts and thank them for all they do (usually at night when I want to sleep). Giving thanks to others and the Universe, the Angels, etc. is very important, but I never stopped to think of thanking myself until this post. AMAZING! WOW! I like that! I feel better already! Take care and THANKS for sharing!

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    1. Friend, you touched my heart with your words, my eyes are full with tears. It was the same for me too, I’m not Christian, but I heard the same phrases and I never saw my mother do anything for herself, I was also taught to give and never to think of yourself. I’ve been on an awakened spiritual journey for the last 24 years and I’m always learning something new. And like you, I’ve done a lot of inner work to find me and I’m still learning and doing the inner work 🙂 I also used to thank everyone, angels, our Creator, the Universe etc. but never thought of thanking myself, I don’t really remember where I heard about thanking yourself, it’s been 3 or 4 years now, and it’s made a huge impact on me. Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m happy you “feel better already” Blessings xoxo

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      1. It is definitely a process but well worth it. I was “working on myself” about the time we met on WP and then was disrupted when my son and his friend moved in. The aura, or whatever you call it, in the house completely changed and became a place for their drama. They eventually left but I still didn’t get back into meditation that well. They were gone for a while but now are back even though I said NO. While I was reading your reply, I got chills. Like my inner self is sending a reminder. 🙂

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      2. WOW you could journal about this and ask, what should be your next step, or ask what is it that you need to know right now. Take care friend 🙂

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  3. Beautiful flowers, and a beautifully powerful post to match.

    I’d not come across The Dutch House before. Sounds like an addictive read! I’d also not heard of Snoop thanking himself – my first reaction is to chuckle, because it seems so strange. Our society makes something like that not just outrageous but uncomfortable and egotistical. And yet when things go pear-shaped, we often turn the frustration towards ourselves first, berating ourselves for everything that’s gone wrong and for all the ways we’re not good enough. It doesn’t occur to us to thank ourselves for the myriad of things we achieve, even the teeny tiny things, each day, let alone the bigger things in life. xx

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    1. So sorry for the late response, for some reason your response went into a different section in my email box and I just saw it.
      When I started seeing a few of my friends on insta were reading The Dutch House, I decided to read it and it was really good.
      Thank you for your response, you’re so right in what you say, we need to get over ourselves, thanking ourselves should not be considered “outrageous uncomfortable and egotistical” we need to start looking at ourselves in a brighter light and appreciate ourselves for all that we do to take care of ourselves every day. Thank you xoxo

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