Getting Un-stuck

OK I really need help here, there are times that I just can’t leave work on Friday and leave it all behind me and pick it up again on Monday.  No matter how much I try I need closure, I need to finish what has started, I need to address issues…I cannot put them aside, shelve them neatly in my mind, lock them behind a closed cabinet. I can’t seem to disengage from the words that are like stuck in my mind, playing themselves over and over, and I carry them with me for the entire weekend because of course always things come up on Friday.

quote8This keeps me stuck and all the things I had planned on accomplishing during the weekend I can’t seem to get into.  I’m stuck inside this negative energy and I’m unable to open the way for love and kindness and creativity and whatever other amazing things want to embrace me.  I’ve tried meditating, going out for a walk.  I tried going through my photos, taking photos, writing, food shopping,  cooking, do the lesson from the course that I’m taking…Like I said, I’m usually mostly pretty good at getting un-stuck, but there are those times that no matter what I do, I can manage to quiet those swirling thoughts for a bit, but then they come back again and again. They are there and they overtake me.

Does this happen to you? Love to know what you do, how do you disengage and get unstuck from it all.



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6 thoughts on “Getting Un-stuck

  1. Aw I’m sorry you get ‘stuck’ in the work cycle, Masha, that’s not fun at all. I always used to get this way, at least from time to time, in any job I’ve had. Some more than others. Whenever there were loose ends, I’d pick at them and think about them and see if there was something I could do at home on the weekend to sort them out. I’d think about the Monday and what I’d need to do, and the week ahead. I’d rehash everything from the week I’d just had, unable to just ‘let it go’. Sounds like you’ve already tried a few things, so I’m not sure I’m going to be of much use to you here. I think it’s a modern day epidemic when work and home life get blurred, when we can’t switch off because we’re always thinking, stressing, busy ‘doing’ when perhaps we need to not-do and give our brains and bodies some peace. I remember at one job when it was easier for me to get unstuck was when I had more structure; I’d write the to-do lists on the Friday and try my best to know what needed doing on the Monday. I’d arrange a drink with some guys from work (this was when I was at a construction company doing admin, but the company was going under and the stress was high) to let off some steam. Or I’d go home and sit for half an hour with a drink and some peace and quiet, mentally ruling a line under the week.

    Perhaps visualisation exercises can help here too, imagining the week like on a calendar and drawing a line, making the weekend into bright colours that are totally separate. I’d have an idea of what I’d want to do on the weekend so I wasn’t floundering and struggling to push myself into deciding on something to do at the time. I’d remind myself I’d done everything I could, that I can’t change anything that’s happened nor affect anything that may happen the following week; I wasn’t being paid for the stressing or extra work over the weekend, and I’m sure the boss wasn’t thinking about work either, he’d be off relaxing and enjoying his time. Which is exactly what you should be doing. Your brain and body need the break and some enjoyment so you can take on the next week. I know you know that, but maybe a reminder is good. I hope someone else can come up with some suggestion or experience that helps more than I have, I just wanted you to know you’re not alone in struggling to get unstuck but that it is possible because you deserve the weekends, they belong to you not to work.. Caz xxx


    1. Caz, WOW! Thank you for taking the time to write this. You’re probably right, and I love the way you put it that “home and work life get blurred” For me and it seems that for others as well, it’s not so simple no matter how much we want to rest our mind and bodies to just say ok now I’m going to unplug, or unstuck myself from everything. I hadn’t thought of visualization exercises, I’m going to try this. And also, I’m going to remind myself whenever those work thoughts get a hold of me that “I’d done everything I could, that I can’t change anything that’s happened nor affect anything that may happen the following week” until on Monday, so don’t hold on to anything. Love this suggestion. Thank you so much for your response and suggestions here, so appreciate your input. ❤


    1. Oh, I hadn’t thought of that, you’re so right. Salt is great for removing negative energies so would be great for this too, and so simple. Thank you for this reminder. Definitely doing this. ❤

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  2. I have certainly been there. For me I try to have a ritual to tell myself work is over. I change my clothes, brew some tea (or something stronger) and if something is bothering me I e-mail myself what is bugging me with the subject line of monkey mind. Then I set an intention to release it and surround myself with a joy bubble in whatever color I feel I need. If it keeps popping up in my mind I do my best to notice and let go.


    1. Tanya thank you for sharing your ritual, I love it. It’s so important to have a ritual, it puts an end to the situation especially when you set an intention and I love the idea of writing yourself an email this way you get it out of your system. Thank you so much I will follow your ritual in the future when I need it. Thank you ❤


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