Radiant Health

Radiant healthy living starts with your awareness.

Every thought you have and every word you speak carries with it a vibrational energy that is sent out into the universe and returns to you the equivalent of the vibration that the word and thought carries with it.

The vibration of the word is dependent on the intention with which you say it, your trust, the belief you place behind it and the joy with which you experience it.  A word spoken with high vibration will return a high vibration gift to you.  Whether you believe it or not, give it a try.


Start your day with this affirmation, with declaring the healthy radiance of yourself.


From the very top of my head

All the way down to the very tip of my toes

And the bottom of my feet and beyond

And back up again

All the way up to the very top of my head


Every cell of me is radiant

My cells are happy happy happy

Healthy healthy healthy cells

My cells are renewing and rejuvenating all the time

All my organs are

Happy happy happy

Healthy healthy healthy organs

All my organs are working in perfect order for me

My organs are rejuvenating and renewing all the time

My mind is alert



And happy

My body is alert

Strong healthy and happy

All of me is




And happy


In my mind body and spirit


Throw your arms up in the air as you are saying this affirmation.

Really feel it in your gut, in your heart, in your whole body.

Say it with joy, say it with meaning.

I offer you this affirmation as an introduction to invoking greater health from within.

Say the parts that resonate with you, change the parts that do not, put your own words to it.  Make it your own. Or use it as it is.

To your health!!!

© Masha Gitel Ellman 2014

Please feel free to share, thank you.

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My big joy is to inspire, encourage and empower you to live the sweetest life for you. I love to share inspiration, how to, and my own journey towards wholeness and union with our Divine Mother. Oh and I love photography and cooking. I am thrilled that you are here and sharing in this wonderful magical mystery.

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