Shine a Light Onto Yourself

Shining a light onto yourself, saying uplifting encouraging words to yourself every day, seeing yourself in a positive way is an act of self-love and it will change your life.

Make 2019 your year of shining your light on you.  Give yourself credit for your accomplishments, let go of criticism and being hard on yourself for what you haven’t accomplished, or for mistakes you’ve made, and give yourself a break.  Change it all around with a daily pep talk to yourself.


It’s very easy to give someone else a pep talk, to praise someone for a job well done, for accomplishing something, and most of us don’t even think about it twice – hey, that’s great I knew you could do it.  So proud of you.  Job well done…But, we don’t think of showering ourselves with the same words of praise. – Yeeeaaaahhhh!!! I got this…I did it…So proud of myself…We hide away and shy away from our own self.

Giving yourself a pep talk will transform how you feel.  It will elevate you and uplift you and encourage you.  If it feels strange to talk to yourself in that way, one option is to say it to yourself in the third person, in other words talk to yourself as if you would to someone else.

If you’re in a position of a leader, when you’re leading from a good place, from a place where you yourself feel what you’re trying to lead – your pep talk to staff will have that much greater an impact on them.

So, in 2019 make it a habit to give yourself a daily pep talk, because you as much as anyone, needs to hear your own “pep talk” words.

If you’re already giving yourself a daily pep talk, I’d love it if you shared it with us here in the comments bellow.



My Wish for You – 2018

May you finally let go of the chains that are holding you back – back from being your truest self and living each day inside your own super power.

May you find the courage to step out, to be seen, to be heard.

May you finally find the courage to lift up, to pick up the glory that illuminates around you.

May you open up and receive the beauty that is you.

May you heal your body, mind and soul.

May you finally recognize who you truly are and commit to living your life from a place of divinity,

happy new year

May you come to know the wisdom of your own being.

May you live wholeheartedly and embrace all the parts of who you are.

May you be ready to be truthful and committed to your dreams.

May you be inspired.

May you remember that every day holds great possibilities and each new moment can yield to a new creation.

May you be surprised by the magic, and may miracles fall upon you every day.

May you be filled with happiness, health and prosperity in all that you do.

May you find the love that is ready to blossom within you and is waiting for you.

May you recognize that you are unique, you are special, important, amazing.

You are.

This is  y o u r  year –  Celebrate your life every single day.

New Year Blessings for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018!!!

Please feel free to share my wish with your family and friends.


It’s All About Ornaments & Holiday Things

This week it’s all about the ornaments and other Christmas things. I love looking at them in the stores and I love placing them around my home.  You can read my other two holiday posts here and here.

I bought this happy whimsical Santa a few years ago, it’s in my son’s office.


And yes, I just love glitter and here’s a basket full of glitter ornaments, at Pier 1.


Love these Santas too (big smile)



I don’t have a Christmas tree, but I love to place ornaments and other Christmas things around my home, they fill me with joy and smiles.  🙂



During this holiday season with all the family obligations, work obligations, children school plays, baking cookies, and all the rushing and buzzing around it’s easy to lose yourself in this pool of whirlwind activities and before you know it, the holiday is gone, another year has began and you’re exhausted.

So, take some me time. Sit and have a cup of hot something, put your feet up and just relax and give your mind and body a rest, even if it’s just for ten minutes, it’ll do wonders for you.


Well beautiful friends, I’m taking my presents and going to hibernate in the North Pole for a couple of weeks LOL.  Looking forward to doing nothing and just relaxing, drinking some hot coco or tea.  Thinking and planning a bit for the next year.  Indulging in Christmas cookies and tamales and spending time with my family.

nut cracker

Until 2018, a big thank you for being here with me.  Wishing you a wonderful Holiday and a healthy, happy, prosperous and blessed New Year, to you and your family – from my heart to yours.

Oh and come and join me, I’ll be popping in, so lets continue this 2017 holiday celebration with joy and wonder.  Post your own picture of your favorite ornament, (one only please) that fills you with joy, here in the comments bellow, or join me at my face book page, here , and join in the fun.

Lots of Love and Blessings always




Did You Know You Have Endless Possibilities

Every minute holds endless possibilities. How you want to feel. What you want to experience. How you want to be. What you want to let go of. What you want to open yourself up to. What changes you want. How you want to think…the possibilities are endless.

So, what are you choosing today? What will you accomplish today? What mountains will you stop carrying around with you? What fears will you dissolve? What goal will you take a step towards achieving?

The possibilities are waiting for you to pick them up, to hold them, to use them in any way you desire.


When the word possibilities came into my mind, I knew right away I wanted to write about it.  It was an immediate, oh yes, this is perfect. And then as I was writing my inner know-it-all showed up, and started with the, that’s not really good enough, you have to mention the universe and the magic and you don’t know enough, and who do you think you are…and…and… I got totally lost inside this negative self talk, fear was up, and it stopped me from everything.

And then I realized, that wait, I have endless possibilities, and I am the choice maker, I can either continue to allow my inner know it all to continue barraging me with all the nasty negative stuff, or I can stop her, move beyond, and write from my own truth.

The possibilities are endless and the choice is always ours.

How we see ourself.

How we love ourself.

How we give to ourself.

What we want to believe.

What we want to commit to.

How we want to trust –

The possibilities are there for us to choose from.

We can stay the same.

We can stop.

We can transform.

We can give in to our fears, to our jealousy, to our hatred and anger…

We can live in gratitude, in loving thoughts, in inspiration –

We hold the magic key to endless possibilities.

Annie Dillard wrote “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

So, how are you spending your days?  What possibilities are you choosing from, what doors are you unlocking with your magic key?  Love to hear from you, come and share in the comment section bellow.



Are You Leading with Toxic Thoughts

Letting go of toxic thoughts will allow you to open to your magnificence.


Toxic thoughts hold you prisoner within themselves and close you to fresh ideas.  They keep you from opening up to new opportunities, envisioning a greater way for yourself and those you’re leading.

You can’t be a great leader while you’re filled with toxic thoughts, you know the ones – those thoughts that dictate all the negative actions that you take and all the bad feelings that you spread out.  Those that judge and criticize.  Those thoughts that are constantly saying that you can’t, someone else can’t, it’s not possible, it’s too hard…why can’t they…they are not good enough, you are not good enough…

When you’re a leader one of your greatest magic keys for success is to recognize the value in others.  But for as long as you’re walking around with toxic thoughts, you can’t see the good in others, you can’t recognize their skills and value.  You can’t lead with encouragement, you can’t inspire and uplift, not yourself not anyone.  You can’t evaluate situations, make decisions or institute change that is of benefit and fair.

Toxic thoughts emanate an aura of negativity that spreads out of you to all around you and out into the universe, so everyone you touch and beyond is affected by your toxic thoughts.  And most of all they hide your magnificence.

Lead from a place of positive energy.  Fill yourself with positive thoughts that will uplift and inspire not only you, but all around you.  Come from a place of how can you serve those you are leading.  Work on changing every toxic thought you have into a positive one and –

Let your MAGNIFICENT YOU shine out.

So, do you have toxic thoughts you need to get rid of?  Come and share in the comments below, love to chat.