My Photos at the Chinese New Year Display

Last week when I was in Las Vegas visiting with my son and family, my son took me to see the Chinese New Year display at the Bellagio hotel.  Just amazing!!!

In Chinese astrology the dog occupies the eleventh position in the zodiac and this is the year of the Earth Dog.  If you were born in 2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958, 1946 and 1934, you were born in the year of the dog.  It’s believed that a person’s characteristics are determined by that year’s animal and element.  I was born in the year of the ‘Fire Dog’ and some of my characteristics are, intelligent, hard working, and sincere… 🙂


There are 18 dogs on display representing the year 2018.  Among some of it’s attributes the dog is loyal, intelligent, honest, and playful.  We are reminded that these are some of the energies of this year.


There are Chinese lanterns hanging all over and cherry blossoms and a big money tree for prosperity.



The conservatory was crowded which made it a bit difficult for me to get the shots I wanted.



In the middle of everything there’s koi pond, with lots of gold fish swimming around.



Flowers, flowers and more flowers everywhere.  I love the mannequins, all the outfits are made out of flowers and I was wondering how they keep the flowers from wilting.  My son noticed looking closely at the flowers, that you can see that they’re wet and water is dripping down, so I’m assuming that there’s a water system inside the mannequin to keep them fresh.




Oh and here’s my favorite son.  (don’t tell my other kids that he’s my favorite)



The displays change with the seasons and I love that when it’s taken down 90% of the trees, plants and flowers are recycled to celebrate and honor our earth.

I had a fantastic time taking these photos, everything was so beautiful, the colors are gorgeous, the creativity of this display is amazing.  We ended the day with a delicious caesar salad and pizza at Grimaldi’s.  I loved being with my family, and now I’m home wiped out.  🙂

Chinese New Year Blessings


Loving the Holiday Season Come Join the Fun

I love the holiday season and I love to surround myself with holiday things that make me feel happy.

I love the colors, the feeling, the food, the delicious smells of holiday.  I love Christmas dinner with my family, love the ornaments, love looking at all the decorations in the mall and in all the stores. I love going to Las Vegas at this time of the year and going to the different hotels to look at the decorations.  Every hotel has something different and  amazing, although I don’t think I’m getting there this year :(, and I love looking at the trees decorated with the lights and hearing the Christmas songs all over.  I love Christmas songs… and did I say I love the holiday season? So I decided to post some of my favorite things throughout this holiday season, and I’m starting with the Christmas flower, Poinsettia.




This is also a time of the year when I hold my mother dearly in my heart, and I remember and miss our time together.  We went to the mall often throughout the year, but during this holiday season it was always more special for us.  We would just walk around looking at everything Christmas, window shopping with smiles from ear to ear on our faces.  And of course we always had a cup of something hot, mostly tea, at the eatery and watch all the people walking by carrying bags filled with goodies.



So here we are, and I’m taking a journey through a month full of wonder and magic.

This holiday season invites us to open our heart to look within and to give out the beauty that lives within us.  Lets open to, and allow the magic of this season to capture our imagination and our hearts. Spend a few minutes each day, if you can, just becoming aware of the love the mystery of this universe is extending to you.  And don’t worry you’ll still have plenty of time to rush around.

I invite you to join me in celebrating the last month of 2017 with joy and wonder.  Post your own pictures of Poinsettias, (one only please) that uplift you, here in the comments bellow, or join me at my face book page, click here , and join the fun.

Happy Holiday Blessings


Magical December

What if you lived each day in December inspired?

What if you decided to listen to your inner voice –

What if you took a journey into your heart and wrote down one thing you’re grateful for each day –

What if you –

Aligned with Mother Nature

Listened to the birds singing their song in the early morning hour –

Noticed the tree that’s been growing right in front of you but you haven’t seen, not really.

What if you believed in yourself?

magical December 2

Connect with the vision that you’re holding of yourself –

What one thing can you change about yourself, what one thing can you give up, what one thing can you open yourself up to.

What are the conditions that you will not negotiate, that you will not live without?

What if you gave yourself a few minutes of ME time each day?

Ten minutes to write your thoughts into a journal –

What if you made a list of all the things you like, all the things that make you happy, not just your family, but also those things beyond your family –

Having a delicious cup of coffee, your feet up on the couch. Pizza.  Opening up to a journey within, to uncover the true you –

What if you stopped rushing every second, looked up at the sky and breathed in the air –  with gratitude d e e p l y all the way down into your belly – and breathed out AHHHHH…

What if you could make something true for you, something that is just for you, something that you’ve been wanting, craving, wishing, dreamed of –

What if you could – Plan to take a class. Learn something new. Draw.  Read that book you’ve been meaning to.  Change your thoughts for the highest good.

What if you looked at experiences you had this year and used them to grow and transform.

And here’s the secret, here’s the magic – it’s possible, and you can.

It’s all up to you.  You’re co-creating your life with a Universe that loves you and gives you everything you want and desire.

You’re the one that makes the choices for you.

You’re the one who decides how you’re days will be, what you will give to yourself.  How you will treat yourself.

December is a month of magic; it’s the gateway that stands between the old and the ushering in of the new.

December invites you to let go and open up, to give out of yourself and to receive.  It asks you to look within and tend to your inner garden. It asks you to weed out the old that no longer fits, and to make room for the new that holds endless magical possibilities.

So, what if you lived each day in December inspired, come and share your thoughts in the comments bellow, love to hear from you.

Blessings Magical December!


Why Bless the Day Ahead of You

For a very long time now, blessing my day ahead of me has been a part of my daily routine and I can tell you from my own experience that it really works. Ordinary days become extraordinary days.

When you’re blessing the day ahead of you, and giving thanks in advance, you’re inviting in and collaborating with the Universal forces to bring about the best highest energy for you and for all.  You’re being deliberate in your request and you’re setting yourself up for a divinely filled and guided day.

Field of pink.jpeg

This is what I do.

Every morning I call on all my angels, spirit guides, my animal spirit guides, my ancestors, all the celestial beings who are of the highest light and energy who are with me, and I ask for their protection and help in blessing my day ahead of me. And I thank them in advance for my day working out perfectly.

I bless myself and every one that I will come in contact with.  Everyone that will have a thought about me that day.   Everyone that I will pass on my way, whether I know them or not. If I’m going to work I bless everyone.  Every meeting I will be having, and everyone who will be at the meeting and I give thanks in advance for how perfect every meeting has turned out. I envision everyone happy with a smile on their face and love in their heart. While I’m asking I’m also giving out love from my heart for the day ahead of me. I say – I love everyone and everyone loves me. And it always turns out that way. Somehow during the meeting at work the perfect words come to me and I can always feel the loving positive energy in the room.

I bless my house my car the road I’ll be traveling on and all the cars and the people around me that are on the same road. All the trees the rocks the animals the sun…I feel myself inside a loving light and I extend that light out into the day ahead of me.

Field of flowers.jpeg

OK let me stop here and confess, I’m not perfect and I don’t remember to bless my day every day, but I feel that’s ok too because when I don’t remember it’s when I see the difference in the energy of the day which then reminds me of the magnificence that happens when I do.

It only takes a few minutes but it will make a huge difference in how your day unfolds. This intentional blessing is very powerful and when your intention is pure and from your heart, you ignite an energy that will serve you and everyone in miraculous ways.

Do you bless your day ahead of you?  Is it a practice you would like to start?  Love to know, leave your comment below and lets chat.



Trust is Your Spiritual Magick

Open yourself to trust and you open the doors to your spiritual magick.

Trust and the miracles will show up

Trust and the magick will appear

Trust in the Universal Force we call God, Allah, Buddah, Divine Mother…

Trust that you are being held in love

Protected and guided, all the time

Trust in your inner compass

Trust in your self-expression

Trust in infinite possibilities

Trust in your higher self, in your truest authentic self.  It will never steer you in the wrong direction

Trust that when you ask for something, that it is already so – trust that all you have to do is get out of the way and allow it to yourself

Trust that when you open up to receive – open your arms wide and you will


White & red flower.jpeg

From a very young age I was brought up to believe not to trust anyone, not the friend, the neighbor, the stranger in the street.  Not anything anyone wants to give me, no one, and most definitely NOT GOD. Life is hard, cold, unforgiving.  By the time I was four I was filled with the horrors of the Holocaust, words that poured out of my mother’s mouth, tears that ran down her face, emotions and feelings that poured out of her and found their home inside of me.  Warnings that were hammered into me by my father.  And of course they knew, they lived the horrors they stood witness to the killings, they lost their entire families, everyone they loved and everything they knew and by some unknown miracle they survived.  I didn’t know what to do with all of this, so I kept it locked inside and I lived by that code of – don’t trust.

Orange flower.jpeg

Learn to get out of your way and let Universal Force open the way for you. Trust and follow your path, trust that everything will unfold in divine timing just the way it’s meant to, for your highest good and that of all.

Trust in the invisible knowing that all is well for you even in times of hardship and famish.  Trust in that this Universal Force will catch you when you fall, hold you, protect you and is loving you even when you refuse to acknowledge It.  Trust that this Universal Force is with you, has always been with you, is a part of you and will never be without you.

Trust that no matter what, no matter how much you push It away, if you take one step towards It – It will take a hundred steps towards you.

Pink flower

I’ve done a lot of work to get to this place of trust, and still I have to admit that my heart is not always open to trust in that unknown invisible energy that is the All Loving.  I’m not always trusting in my inner voice.  I still hold back, I still can’t let completely go at times, I still question myself and Divine Mother.

And I have to remind myself to –

Trust in the gift that is my life – Trust that I am one with Divine Being.  Trust that my heart knows what I yet don’t.  That when I follow and trust, the magick happens and the miracles flow.  Trust.

Do you trust? How do you trust?  Feel free to leave a comment and share this post.






Why You Need to Change Your Story

Life meets you right where you are.  It unfolds in exactly the way you think about your life, your self, your story.  It can never be any other way.

Lemon tree.jpeg

I’m reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s new book The Universe Has Your Back when I had an AHA moment and it hit me why I’m still holding back, why I haven’t totally let go and broke out of the small hidden place I’m keeping myself in, even though I really want to.   It’s because of the story i’ve been telling myself about my story.  The words that I’ve been using have kept me hidden, small and afraid.

I’ve been telling myself the same story, about my story, for so long that I didn’t even realize or hear the words I was telling myself.  They were there every time I started to write creating a block I couldn’t get past. It’s too hard, it’s so heavy, I don’t want to go there, I can’t, I’m afraid, it’s too emotional… this has been my foundation and has been what has kept me from a lot of things, not just writing.  With those words I kept myself stuck and didn’t know it.  These words I’m telling myself have kept me from believing in myself, loving myself, having faith, seeing a beautiful miraculous world. This story has ruled and regulated and shaped every moment of my life.

Multi color leaves3.JPG

The story I’ve been telling myself doesn’t even belong to me, it belongs to my mother, those are her words her beliefs about life. These are the words that I heard my mother speak every day from the day I was born – suffered, hard work, starved, where was God? No there is no God, I’m afraid, life is hard… These are the words that permeated into my very being, into every cell in my body.  I didn’t understand what they mean when I was a child, but I felt  my mothers pain in them.  They stuck in me and I took them and I made them my own.

And of course my mother had every right to speak them and hold them, they described the horrors she lived every day in the hells of concentration camps. But they are not my words, I didn’t live and survive the Holocaust, she did. I can listen, I can sympathize, I can cry, I can feel the emotional, I can love her… But I wasn’t there in the physical, I didn’t live through the horrors and I can’t claim those words as my own.

In making them my own, I’ve been living my mothers story not mine.  This doesn’t mean that I’m denying my story, it’s as much a part of me as my right arm, it’s my history, my legacy, my ancestors, and I carry an obligation with it.  But, if I want to live an extraordinary life I have to give myself an extraordinary story, one that belongs to me and honors me.  One that will uplift and empower me, strengthen and elevate me and support me to live my life in glory.

Life responds in kind, the thoughts that we put out is the life that we get to live.  And so I’m changing my story (the one that I’m telling myself) about my story.

How about you?  Do you have a story you maybe need to change? Feel free to leave a comment below, and feel free to share this blog post.