Here’s What I Know…

You can’t always be on top of things and you can’t always direct your days.   You can’t always be perfect and creative and whatever else you think you need to be every day.

yellow flower

I also know that there are times you can’t force things to happen. You can’t make yourself meditate, or read a book, or be forgiving, or understanding.  Or, not put your foot in your mouth (sometimes). You can’t set a goal and decide how it has to turn out, because the universe may have other plans for you. Greater ones than you could have ever imagined.

I had other plans for today but I just couldn’t get into it… and so I’m resting in the energy that is showing up.  Simple.  Peaceful. Unhurried. I took photos in the store.  🙂  And by the way I didn’t edit any of the colors in these photos.  I love my camera.

red flower

So what I know is that life is not always perfect; things do not always go as planned. Sometimes plans get sidetracked and sometimes life is messy and that’s ok too.  But every day holds out endless possibilities and unlimited potential.  Every day has its own color and shape and energies and we can play in the sandbox or not.

pink flower

And this I know for sure – I love my life with all its messiness and magic and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.

Feel free to share what you know… in the comment section below, love to hear from you.



Be Yourself – A Love Note

You are a divine being and the universe loves you.

Don’t run away.

Don’t hide yourself away.


You are unique and special.

You are perfect and enough just the way you are.

There is only one of you ever.

There never was another you before, there will never be another you again, and there is only one you right now.

Be who you are – BE YOURSELF!

Feel free to share and or comment in the section below.

Unique Blessings


Why You Need to Go With the Flow

Sometimes I just forget that I’m not superwoman and that I can’t do everything and that I need to listen to my body and give myself a rest and a break. I get into this place where I’m walking around with this idea that I have to be creative every single minute of every single day, and if I’m not, I’m wasting my precious life. And I get stressed (ohhhh noooo) when new ideas aren’t flooding my mind all the time and I’m not creating all the time.


Sometimes life happens like this past week where every day I had something that came up. Monday morning the water hose to my fridge broke and luckily I was home when the water started gushing out all over. (There was lots of towels to wash)  The next day I had to go to the ear doctor and the next to the dentist (also not planned) and in between I also went to work. I also had scheduled for my windows to be cleaned on another day and so I had workers here and cleaning up to do, and before I knew it the week was gone and I felt like I didn’t do anything, anything creative that is. I am at my most creative in the morning, I love doing my ritual, having breakfast, writing in my journal… that’s how I start my mornings, but when stuff happens nothing creative gets done.

red bulbs

And so I have to remind myself every so often that, I don’t have to be creative every minute of every day.  Sometimes I don’t get anything done even when there is no stuff happening to interrupt my day, and that’s ok too.  And that creativity can show up at the most unexpected moment, when I least expect it, like the idea to write this blog post. And sometimes I need to follow the rhythm of my own self, and not hold myself up to some out of reach schedule and ideals that are impossible to meet, I’m not superwoman. And sometimes life just happens and I need to go with the flow of it all.

green leave pots

But in between all that I did manage to take some photos this past week while out shopping.  (Big smile)

And so life continues to show up sometimes expected and at others totally unexpected and I’m reminding myself to just go with the flow…

How are you showing up to your life, come and share in the comment section below, love to hear from you.



Unlock Your-Self & Step Into Your Amazing

Life is not so simple at times. It can be complex, laced with layers and layers to unravel and thick heavy steel walls to break down. I didn’t know until I was fifty – that there can be another way, that I can think a different way about me, about life and about God.  I didn’t know until that moment of revelation that life can be different and that I can have dreams and desires and wants and needs and they can become true.

I didn’t know that I had been hiding myself away, that I am more than what I knew of myself to be. That I’m free to step out of the – have to and should to, that were choking me. That I was living under the rules and regulations that belonged to someone else but were shaping every moment of my life, and if I wanted my life to be different I needed to let go of thoughts and beliefs that didn’t really belong to me. They were handed down to me like some legacy since birth and I just took them and adapted them and made them my own and had been living by their law ever since.

unlock yourself3

It was in that moment of revelation that I started my journey of unraveling, digging myself out and freeing myself bit by bit. Breaking down the walls I put around me is not always easy, at times I held on for dear life, even when I knew that I’ve outgrown the level of consciousness I was in and needed to move on.  Sometimes i didn’t know how, and sometimes I didn’t even recognize that I had a wall, it was such a deep part of me.

My journey is ongoing, I’m still unraveling and digging myself out to get to the core of who I really am, so I can stand fully in my power and shine my light out into the world.

So I’m here to tell you that YES YOU CAN DO IT.  That THIS IS YOUR YEAR, and this is your invitation.  LET YOUR-SELF OUT.  Walk with trust, faith, forgiveness, compassion, courage, meet fear head on, and bit by bit find who you are, because every time you do you’re reclaiming a part of yourself and you’ll find you’re – AMAZING.

If this resonates and you feel like it, come and share your thoughts in the comment section bellow.  Love to chat.

Amazing Blessings


Hello 2018 – How I’m Making this MY Year

Hello 2018 – I’ve decided that this is MY year.  The first of many more – MY YEAR!  I’m immersing myself in creativity, enchantment and other delightful adventures.  I’m starting this year really strong and rooted in not only creating but being a participant, a co-creator with universal forces in making this MY year.

I believe that the key to having a successful year of getting done what I’m intending to, is to plan, be actively involved and see my plan visibly in front of me every day.

To support me on my journey this year I joined two year long groups. The Wonder Club, with Victoria Smith and One Little Word 2018, with Ali Edwards. Each are packed with wonderful lessons to learn, ideas, lots of creativity and supportive communities.  Love them.

To hold it all together I bought a regular three ring binder and I’m calling it, My Magic Planner, which is a combination of a few things in one. Planner, scrapbook, magic.  Mostly it will hold my journey, month by month, my reminder that I want to step into a higher place. On the cover from the world of Tarot, I have The Queen of Wands by Emily Balivet. There’s much written about this queen, one of it being that she asks us to be bold and courageous in what we decide to do, and since I boldly and courageously decided that this is MY year, I think she’s a perfect guide.

my 2018 book

My magic planner and what to hold inside of it is in the process of unfolding, here’s what I have so far –

On the first of each month I’ll be picking two Oracle cards for guidance, possibilities and wisdom. These are the two cards that came up for me for this month.  “Expectation” from Connected and Free Oracle deck from Inner Hue, and “The Fates” from Wisdom of the Oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid.  Interestingly snake first showed up for me in January of last year and again in November of last year and here she is the first card for this year.  Mmmmmmm.

oracle jan

I have a section that I’m calling Reminders – where I’m writing down things that I need to remember all the time so I don’t forget them.  I’m keeping this in the front for easy access.

I’m also creating a special section for Quotes and Affirmations that will show up.  I’m starting with this one I love from Mary Oliver “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.”  I also have a section for AHA moments. And my great accomplishments, no matter how big or small they matter.

I have dividers with pockets to divide each month and each section and I’ve placed words that highlight that month in each.  I used color index cards for this and they’re only attached with a clip so easy to move around and make changes.  I decorated this one with three little stars to give it some extra pizzazz.  I used silver and gold stick on stars that I found in Hobby Lobby.

book open

Things that I want to concentrate more on this year is, learning more about the Tarot and Oracle cards.  Photography, Instagram and other social media and my blog here.


This year I’m hoping to add a couple of new areas to my blog.  One more about me and what I’m up to, more how to’s, and about leadership. Oh and of course I’ll be sharing more of my photography. I hope to continue to inspire and uplift you throughout this year.  I feel excited at the prospect and possibilities this year is holding out for me and a bit afraid at the same time.  But with “Trust” as my guiding word this year,  I’m committing to myself in a big way and this is the first step.

Thank you for following along with me, for your encouragement, and support, you inspire me.

I’d love it if you would share your planners, daily organizers, or whatever you use, love to see it.




My Wish for You – 2018

May you finally let go of the chains that are holding you back – back from being your truest self and living each day inside your own super power.

May you find the courage to step out, to be seen, to be heard.

May you finally find the courage to lift up, to pick up the glory that illuminates around you.

May you open up and receive the beauty that is you.

May you heal your body, mind and soul.

May you finally recognize who you truly are and commit to living your life from a place of divinity,

happy new year

May you come to know the wisdom of your own being.

May you live wholeheartedly and embrace all the parts of who you are.

May you be ready to be truthful and committed to your dreams.

May you be inspired.

May you remember that every day holds great possibilities and each new moment can yield to a new creation.

May you be surprised by the magic, and may miracles fall upon you every day.

May you be filled with happiness, health and prosperity in all that you do.

May you find the love that is ready to blossom within you and is waiting for you.

May you recognize that you are unique, you are special, important, amazing.

You are.

This is  y o u r  year –  Celebrate your life every single day.

New Year Blessings for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018!!!

Please feel free to share my wish with your family and friends.