Which Oracle is Calling to You

I’m creating a 44 oracle card deck *Magical Journey* and I’m so excited to share with you four of my oracles.  At first I thought they would all follow the same look, but as I’m discovering they each have their own distinct feel, look and vibrancy.

These oracles ask you to enter into your own inner sanctuary. That place where your wisdom lies. Where you can cross over thresholds into wonder. Where the mystery of this universe is waiting for you to unravel it.  So sit still, open your heart, listen and allow yourself to be taken into your inner journey –

Let the oracles speak to you, pick the one that is pulling at you, the words and images are meant to awaken you – reflect on them, recognize them, go beyond the basic meaning of the word that you’re familiar with.  Unravel it’s gifts – it holds magic for you.  You may want to start by looking the word up in the dictionary to refresh your knowledge of it.  Listen within, what feelings arise from this word, are they good, do they evoke fear, don’t stop the feelings let them rise let them guide and show you their energy, their mystery.

Only you can open the doors within…

oracle 1

oracle 3

oracle 2

oracle 5

And in the end I’m not sure if all of these will be a part of my final oracle deck, but for now they seem to and I hope you have fun with them.

I really would love it if you would let me know how the card you chose touched you. What magic did you uncover? How did it guide you?  Please share in the comments below or you can connect with me privately, I’d love to know.

Blessings from the Oracles


April a Month of Inspired Creativity

Last month I decided to challenge myself and create something every day in April.  OK it may not happen every day since I already missed the very first day.  I don’t know why but I totally forgot that yesterday was April 1, even though my son played an April fools joke on me, and yes I fell for it, I still forgot and I didn’t create anything.  But, in my defense, in the morning I was busy getting ready for Easter Sunday with family.  The food was delicious as always, and I had a really great time seeing everyone and I got to meet our new sweet baby girl her name is Layna Rae.  And yes, I can’t believe myself I didn’t take any pictures, but I’ll get one and post at another time.

One reason why I wanted to create something every day in April is because last year I decided to create a 44 card oracle deck “Magical Journey”   It all came to me in one moment, and it’s been a process of love.  I already have several cards which I can’t wait to post and share with you.

day 1

I signed up for a year long course, Soulful Scribe, given by Belle Coeur  Today I got the first email, and the theme for this month’s contemplation is all about “cultivating and nurturing your listening heart.”  While reading I was inspired to create this card – listen to your heart!  It just may wind up being one of my “Magical Journey” oracles.

Not to worry I won’t overload you with my daily creations, but I will update every so often.

If you feel inspired, I’d love it if you will join me. No obligation.  Doesn’t have to be anything big, it could be a picture you were inspired to take that made you feel good.  A quote you read that sparked a feeling in you.  Or something you wrote.  Feel free to post your inspiration here in the comments bellow, love to see it.

Inspired Blessings


B a l a n c e

I was looking through the pictures that I took that morning and this one jumped out at me, I just love these flowers and their vibrant colors of purple and yellow, and as I was looking at it thinking I’m going to use it in my next blog post, the word balance came to me and I immediately knew that it’s the perfect word and it has to be here.


When I was finished with the photo, I was trying to write how balance has come just when I needed it, but no matter how I said it, it just wasn’t right.  For two days now I’ve tried to write what balance means to me, how sometimes I’m out of balance, why we need to create balance…but I haven’t been able to.  The words just get stuck and I can’t get them out, it’s like there’s a wall stopping them from getting through.

It finally hit me that there isn’t anything for me to say, that what it means to me, my interpretation of it, is not the glory of this word.  That the word wants to be on it’s own allowing it’s message to unfold naturally for everyone and not as interpreted by me.

So, here it is – b a l a n c e – welcome it, carry it around with you, bring it to your mind throughout the day, think on it, let it unfold for you, and allow it to reveal it’s wisdom to you.

And if you’d like to share here in the comments bellow, I’d love to know how balance revealed itself to you, what message does it hold for you.



It’s Spring…YEEEAAAHHH!!

Spring is showing herself, I can feel her in the air, time to let go of the heaviness you’ve been carrying around with you and bring in the fresh.

Bring yourself out of hibernation and step into spring with lightness, leave all the heaviness behind you and open the door to expectations for new growth.

Welcome change, revisit your dreams, keep the ones you still want, let go of the ones you’re not ready for or the ones that are not for you anymore.


Your life is a magical journey; find the joy and magic in the small and ordinary.

Get curious, plant new seeds, and let the magic sprout.

Maybe start a new ritual practice. Doesn’t have to be anything big and heavy. You can repeat an affirmation a few times,





Just stopping for one minute every day and placing your focus and attention on your self, will create a change in your self that will transform you.

You’re welcome to use my affirmations above or create your own.  Do what feels good for you and if you can come and share with us here in the comment section bellow, love to chat.

Happy Spring Blessings


Celebrating My Writing

I’m so happy, look at what came in the mail, my ‘Writual Blessings’ illustrated cards by Cynthia Morris. Love Love Love them.

After I cleared any negative energy from the cards I asked the question, what can you give me, and the card that flew out of the deck as I was shuffling is “celebrate your writing” oh wow, the most perfect card.

I don’t think I’ve ever celebrated my writing. I have thanked my writing. I say affirmations for writing, but never honored it by actually celebrating all that writing has blessed me with.

writual blessings

Writing has helped me to open up within, to declare who I am, to get over fears that were blocking me and uncover fears I didn’t know I had. Through writing I have gained strength and courage.

I have found my true voice and stepped into and opened to a universe that was waiting within me, a treasure chest full of creative gifts.

Writing has helped me to sort out ideas. Spill my guts out on the page. Get clear about things. And while writing I’ve received answers to questions, guidance, and inspiration.

Writing has been and is my divine gift.  Through writing I’ve been able to light the way for others, open doors and inspire, uplift, encourage others, and make a small difference in other peoples lives.

So this is my first celebration honoring my writing, my creativity, my inspiration, and my Source.

My own writing blessing –

I am grateful for my highest inner voice

I am grateful for my highest creativity

I am grateful for my highest inspiration

I am grateful for my highest writing

That is for my highest good and that of all, and so it is.


Writing is my joy, my sanctuary, my love.  Writing every day has made me a better writer.  And so I continue to CELEBRATE and say YES to my writing.

Come and share your own celebration you have about your writing, in the comment section below.  Love to hear from you.

Writing Blessings