A Simple Mindfulness Photo Pause Creates Joy

I started to take photos because I wanted my own photos to be showcased in my blog posts.  When I started I had no idea if what I was doing was good or not, I just did it.  No one ever complained about them (LOL) and to me the photos were of course, amazing.

What started out as wanting to use my own photos, has evolved into so much more than just the act of snapping a picture for my blog.  Stopping and taking a photo of a tree, a flower, of how the light comes through the window, has become a mindfulness pause in my day.  It’s become a way of connecting with my intuition and following its guidance. It’s a moment in meditation.  It’s me being one with what I’m photographing.  It’s magic, it’s passion, it’s JOY.  It’s my feelings in the photo, making taking a photo a deep and rich experience.

flower tree

tree flower4

If you’re not already giving yourself the gift of a daily mindfulness photo pause, I’m encouraging you to do so.  You don’t need an expensive camera, I take all my photos with my phone, it’s what I have with me all the time, so it’s super easy.   Before you go out set the intention to find something to photograph, guaranteed you’ll find something or someone and let that be your daily fun practice.

At first I felt very self-conscious about taking a photo outside, I thought everyone is looking at me.  I’ve gotten over it.  I don’t make taking photographs an impossible thing, I make it easy and fun. I don’t compare my photos to anyone else, I don’t worry over if they’re perfect, I let my intuition guide me, and I shoot what I like.  And it doesn’t have to be a photo outside, it can be a mindfulness pause right inside your home.  I take photos of family, I stage photos for a particular blog post.  I take photos that never make it to publishing.  Inside or outside, doesn’t matter, what matters is that I take a moment to pause and to connect with my inner self to create.

tree flower5

The other thing that’s happened is that I developed a connection and a love for photography and  I want my photos to be visually attractive.   When I shoot I look for composition and light.  I use two apps for editing, Phonto and WordSwag.  These apps allow me to highlight and use text and they are free to download.  There are many more apps that are great that you can find in a google search.  And I’ve also taken a couple of online photography courses.

I took all these photos of my neighbors tree over the last few days.  I told my neighbor that technically you could say that the tree is mine since some branches overlap into my yard, LOL.  I have a relationship with this tree, I’ve watched it grow from a seedling, I love this tree we greet each other every day.

tree flower6

Stopping to take a photo is a mindfulness act, a moment in meditation, a connection between you and the subject you’re photographing.  With every photo we’re creating a composition, our images tell stories, and we’re creating a moment of magic and wonder that fills us with JOY. JOY. JOY.

I’d love to know if you’re practicing a daily, mindful photo pause already.  Or, do you want to start and you have questions.  I’d love to know.



B a l a n c e

I was looking through the pictures that I took that morning and this one jumped out at me, I just love these flowers and their vibrant colors of purple and yellow, and as I was looking at it thinking I’m going to use it in my next blog post, the word balance came to me and I immediately knew that it’s the perfect word and it has to be here.


When I was finished with the photo, I was trying to write how balance has come just when I needed it, but no matter how I said it, it just wasn’t right.  For two days now I’ve tried to write what balance means to me, how sometimes I’m out of balance, why we need to create balance…but I haven’t been able to.  The words just get stuck and I can’t get them out, it’s like there’s a wall stopping them from getting through.

It finally hit me that there isn’t anything for me to say, that what it means to me, my interpretation of it, is not the glory of this word.  That the word wants to be on it’s own allowing it’s message to unfold naturally for everyone and not as interpreted by me.

So, here it is – b a l a n c e – welcome it, carry it around with you, bring it to your mind throughout the day, think on it, let it unfold for you, and allow it to reveal it’s wisdom to you.

And if you’d like to share here in the comments bellow, I’d love to know how balance revealed itself to you, what message does it hold for you.



My Photos at the Chinese New Year Display

Last week when I was in Las Vegas visiting with my son and family, my son took me to see the Chinese New Year display at the Bellagio hotel.  Just amazing!!!

In Chinese astrology the dog occupies the eleventh position in the zodiac and this is the year of the Earth Dog.  If you were born in 2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958, 1946 and 1934, you were born in the year of the dog.  It’s believed that a person’s characteristics are determined by that year’s animal and element.  I was born in the year of the ‘Fire Dog’ and some of my characteristics are, intelligent, hard working, and sincere… 🙂


There are 18 dogs on display representing the year 2018.  Among some of it’s attributes the dog is loyal, intelligent, honest, and playful.  We are reminded that these are some of the energies of this year.


There are Chinese lanterns hanging all over and cherry blossoms and a big money tree for prosperity.



The conservatory was crowded which made it a bit difficult for me to get the shots I wanted.



In the middle of everything there’s koi pond, with lots of gold fish swimming around.



Flowers, flowers and more flowers everywhere.  I love the mannequins, all the outfits are made out of flowers and I was wondering how they keep the flowers from wilting.  My son noticed looking closely at the flowers, that you can see that they’re wet and water is dripping down, so I’m assuming that there’s a water system inside the mannequin to keep them fresh.




Oh and here’s my favorite son.  (don’t tell my other kids that he’s my favorite)



The displays change with the seasons and I love that when it’s taken down 90% of the trees, plants and flowers are recycled to celebrate and honor our earth.

I had a fantastic time taking these photos, everything was so beautiful, the colors are gorgeous, the creativity of this display is amazing.  We ended the day with a delicious caesar salad and pizza at Grimaldi’s.  I loved being with my family, and now I’m home wiped out.  🙂

Chinese New Year Blessings


Here’s What I Know…

You can’t always be on top of things and you can’t always direct your days.   You can’t always be perfect and creative and whatever else you think you need to be every day.

yellow flower

I also know that there are times you can’t force things to happen. You can’t make yourself meditate, or read a book, or be forgiving, or understanding.  Or, not put your foot in your mouth (sometimes). You can’t set a goal and decide how it has to turn out, because the universe may have other plans for you. Greater ones than you could have ever imagined.

I had other plans for today but I just couldn’t get into it… and so I’m resting in the energy that is showing up.  Simple.  Peaceful. Unhurried. I took photos in the store.  🙂  And by the way I didn’t edit any of the colors in these photos.  I love my camera.

red flower

So what I know is that life is not always perfect; things do not always go as planned. Sometimes plans get sidetracked and sometimes life is messy and that’s ok too.  But every day holds out endless possibilities and unlimited potential.  Every day has its own color and shape and energies and we can play in the sandbox or not.

pink flower

And this I know for sure – I love my life with all its messiness and magic and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.

Feel free to share what you know… in the comment section below, love to hear from you.



Why You Need to Go With the Flow

Sometimes I just forget that I’m not superwoman and that I can’t do everything and that I need to listen to my body and give myself a rest and a break. I get into this place where I’m walking around with this idea that I have to be creative every single minute of every single day, and if I’m not, I’m wasting my precious life. And I get stressed (ohhhh noooo) when new ideas aren’t flooding my mind all the time and I’m not creating all the time.


Sometimes life happens like this past week where every day I had something that came up. Monday morning the water hose to my fridge broke and luckily I was home when the water started gushing out all over. (There was lots of towels to wash)  The next day I had to go to the ear doctor and the next to the dentist (also not planned) and in between I also went to work. I also had scheduled for my windows to be cleaned on another day and so I had workers here and cleaning up to do, and before I knew it the week was gone and I felt like I didn’t do anything, anything creative that is. I am at my most creative in the morning, I love doing my ritual, having breakfast, writing in my journal… that’s how I start my mornings, but when stuff happens nothing creative gets done.

red bulbs

And so I have to remind myself every so often that, I don’t have to be creative every minute of every day.  Sometimes I don’t get anything done even when there is no stuff happening to interrupt my day, and that’s ok too.  And that creativity can show up at the most unexpected moment, when I least expect it, like the idea to write this blog post. And sometimes I need to follow the rhythm of my own self, and not hold myself up to some out of reach schedule and ideals that are impossible to meet, I’m not superwoman. And sometimes life just happens and I need to go with the flow of it all.

green leave pots

But in between all that I did manage to take some photos this past week while out shopping.  (Big smile)

And so life continues to show up sometimes expected and at others totally unexpected and I’m reminding myself to just go with the flow…

How are you showing up to your life, come and share in the comment section below, love to hear from you.



It’s All About Wreaths this Week

I started this holiday season with beautiful Poinsettias, here, and this week it’s all about wreaths.

How I love wreaths.  I feel like my soul is jumping up and down for joy as I hang my wreath on my door. For me it’s a symbol of welcome, blessings, unity, wholeness, and inclusion. It represents infinity since there is no beginning and no end.  It holds within it the unending circle of life, the sun and the moon. It also symbolizes hope and joy.

This is the one on my front door, welcoming all with joy and blessings.


Here are some photos I took in different stores, I love just looking at them.



Can you tell I love wreaths? I love the ones with red berries and the ones made with sparkle, and bows, and I love the evergreen symbolizing growth and life.



This holiday season is about opening our hearts to each other, releasing joy and love. It’s about welcome. It’s about blessings.  It’s about our precious gift – this life.

It’s a reminder that every single step of our inner journey is a pilgrimage. It’s a longing for unity with a power greater than ourselves.


So come and join me, lets continue this 2017 holiday celebration with joy and wonder.  Post your own pictures of a wreath, (one only please) that fills you with joy, here in the comments bellow, or join me at my face book page, here , and join in the fun.

Happy Holiday Blessings