Hello December!!!! a message for you

This month is the gateway into a new year…a new energetic time is opening up for us, a new beginning is waiting for us to embrace it, and the message that came through to me is that December invites you to rethink ‘you’ – honor your self, celebrate your self, take this month to be proud of your self, look at all you’ve gone through and accomplished in 2020. Give yourself some credit you’re more resilient than you think.  Give yourself a BIG HUG and a big I LOVE ME!!!

Be open to what wants to show up for you, clear the way and let go of all that you’re holding on to that says you’re not enough. Let go of all the thoughts that make you feel small. Let go of all that keeps you from believing in yourself, and loving yourself.  You are a miracle not a victim, show up for yourself in a way that supports you, elevates you, comforts you and brings you joy. 

This month is inviting you to step into your life with a renewed sense of love for your self, and an openness to receive all the blessings the Universe is holding out for you.

You are amazing, you are brilliant; YOU ARE A MIRACLE!!!

Happy December Blessings


December is all about Being in the Moment

December is all about being in the moment.

Finding that one moment in the day that brings you joy, that slows you down for an instant, that makes you feel the wonder.  That you set aside your to do lists, stop the rushing about and just enjoy – being in the moment – Breathe…


This is my – in the moment – today.  I opened the shade and WOW!

Every morning I’m blessed with the magnificence of these birds, I say hello my friends, and we greet the day together.  But for some reason this morning it just hit me in a special way.  I stood there staring at them, with a huge smile on my face, just watching them for a moment longer than I usually do.  And it came to me that I’m making December a month of stopping, even if it’s just for a moment, and breathing in the wonder of this amazing Universe.

Join me in making December a month of being in the moment and finding a WOW every day for yourself.  Set the intention for it and it will show itself to you.  You may also want to keep a journal of the WOW you find every day, so at the end of the month you can look at all the wonder moments you had.

I’d love to hear from you, love to know your WOW, feel free to post in the comments every day if you wish.

Have a magnificent December everyone.