February Love

I’ve decided February to be the month of – I LOVE ME.  That is, the month of paying special attention to loving ME.

I’m letting go of criticism, judgement and any other toxic thoughts I have about myself and inviting in only those that uplift, encourage and light me up.

I’m tuning into myself and giving me an extra sprinkling of special sparkly love.

File Feb 01, 8 36 00 AM.png

Let this month be the month you walk in your own power, knowing that you deserve – deserve to be happy – deserve to be prosperous – deserve to be loved – deserve to be brilliant.

Don’t leave yourself at the end of the line, don’t let yourself be guided by someone else’s opinions of you – make yourself a priority, remember that you are – important – unique – beautiful – special…

Take time to pay attention to your home, this is your castle – decorate it with beauty and love. Buy flowers, they don’t have to be expensive I buy them for under $10 at the supermarket.  Burn candles, they add a warmth to your home.


Burn delicious incense, my favorite scent is the Mag Champa, Agarbatti, you can get them at Amazon, some of the health food stores, or metaphysical stores. (Remember to follow the instructions for lighting candles and incense, don’t leave them unattended)

This month splurge on one special gift for yourself. Something that you’ve been wanting but haven’t bought for yourself. A book maybe that’s been on your wish list. A new beautiful journal.  A delicious cup of tea with a friend…

Give yourself five minutes a day of undisturbed time.  Turn off your cell phone, computer, ipad and any other electronic devise that can disturb you and just envelop yourself in the silence and quiet of just being with you.

Take from this what feels good to you, leave out the rest and I invite you to leave a comment, lets share our special love.

Wishing you February Love Blessings


Weekly Magic

“Embrace the glorious mess that you are.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert

 Make this week a sweet embrace week.

Sweet embrace.jpeg

Stay fully present in each moment.  Appreciate.  Be grateful.

Be mindful of the food you put into your body, honor and love it.  This is the house of your soul.  Get a massage.  Exercise.  Take a selfie 🙂

Give generously and receive generously.

There is so much you can do and it doesn’t have to take up hours.  Write for 5 minutes in a journal.  Meditate for a few minutes.  Light a candle.  Listen to an inspiring podcast while preparing dinner.  Let your mind sweep you away into fantasy land.  Rest…

Take one small step and start that project you’ve been putting off, small steps yield big results.

Give yourself a treat from the world and spend a few minutes a day in an embrace with you.

Feel free to share your gift of embrace to yourself.  Post a comment, a picture, a poem.  Feel free to embrace.

Picture above taken at the new Downtown Summerlin mall, Las Vegas, NV. 2016

Copyright Masha G. Ellman 2017

I Remember…Never Again

Today I stand with my brothers and sisters all around the world to commemorate the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, a day remembered around the world. It was today January 27, 1945 that the Soviet troops first entered the death camp Aucshwitz-Birkenau in Poland January 27, 1945; they were the first to enter the camps.

Both my mother and father were holocaust survivors, each the only survivor out of their entire families. In 1940 in one minute in time their entire life as they knew it was turned upside down and changed forever.   Everyone and everything they loved was ripped out of their heart and they were thrown into places where hell itself would have been paradise instead.

They survived five years of starvation, torture, degradation. They lived in fear of being chosen to be killed, or to be taken and used for experiments, every single second of every single day for five years.   They saw with their own eyes the horrors for which I have no words to describe.

My patents.jpeg

My mother spoke about her life, the horrors that she endured that others endured every single day from the time I was born till the day she passed away. The only thing I know about my father is what my mother told me, he never talked about it, his pain did not leave his heart and he passed away when I was 13 years old.

As a child I didn’t understand the words but I felt her pain, the tears that ran down her face, her words those were the fairytails I grew up with.

She was the most courageous woman I have ever known.  She was sentenced to be killed three different times, and each time she escape her death sentence by some miraculous way. I don’t know from where she mustered up the strength to live when each second for five long years seemed like an eternity.

My parents biggest dream was to live in peace, to come to America where their children could have a better life. My father never saw that dream come true.   My mother sacrificed everything she had to make this a reality for my brother and me. When we came to America was the first time I saw my mother smile really smile and laugh and sing. She was the most generous woman I know, always giving of herself and she always loved me unconditionally even through the years that I didn’t understand.

Today I light a candle in remembrance of all the more than 6 million Jews and the non Jews who were killed at the hands of the Nazis. I honor their memory.

I remember.

Copyright Masha G. Ellman 2017

Monday Magic


is a powerful affirmation that will move you forward from thinking small to thinking big.  From not trying to achieving.  From fear to unlimited potential.  From being scared to doing it anyway.

Sprinkle a little magic on yourself and believe in yourself – believe that you can do it, that you are important, that you will succeed, believe in the magical and watch doors open, mountains move, walls break down.


You are unlimited potential and endless possibilities.

You can’t step into your power and live your purpose without believing in yourself.

It takes faith, determination and lots of courage to step out and say I BELIEVE IN ME!

Carry this affirmation with you and say it to yourself throughout the day.  You may not believe it at first, say it anyway, say it with intention and feelings.  Say it first thing in the morning, declare it to the universe and to yourself –


Copyright Masha G. Ellman 2017



Affirmation for Everyday

I am always divinely guided!

I said this affirmation yesterday morning and carried it with me like a mantra repeating it throughout the day.  I had it in my mind, in my heart and on my tongue.  I repeated it when I was stuck in heavy traffic which was making me late for an appointment.  I repeated it when I was at work and there was a situation I had to address.

Repeating this affirmation reminded me that I am always deeply loved and supported, I am not alone, the universal forces are holding me up and carrying me to exactly where I need to be and supporting me in every moment.


At the end of the day when I thought about it I could see how this affirmation really opened me up to the guidance that the universe was giving me and how I followed.

By holding this affirmation in my mind and heart I was saying – YES – I am open and willing to follow.

Try it out for yourself, carry these words with you and throughout the day affirm it to yourself and see how your day will unfold.-

I Am Always Divinely Guided!


Copyright Masha G. Ellman 2017