Making Real What You Really Really Want

When you have figured out what it is that you really really want…

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Than invite commitment into your life and go after your ‘want’ with intention and determination.   Don’t just leave it lay for later or for tomorrow or for when after you read another book, take another class.  For when you will deserve it or lose 50 pounds.  Honor your ‘want’ now.  The more you commit and make the time for what you want, keep it in the front of your mind, see it inside of you, f e e l  it.  The more you think about it, write about it, dream it – the more the universe will put magical things along your way for your ‘want’ to become a reality.

When you really really know what it is that you want and you take action towards it, even small steps (and every step counts), when what you want is for your highest good and that of everyone else, than the entire universe will conspire to bring your ‘want’ into reality.

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You’ll see words or hear a conversation, or a song that will hold just the right message  that you needed to know right now.  Synchronicities will be abound.  Doors will open in places where you never knew they existed, the universe will arrange that.  The more you bring what you want into view into your mind into your sphere, the more solid your ‘want’ will become the more chance it has of manifesting.  You’re talking it, writing it, thinking it into being a reality and you need to do this without fear and complete trust and faith and belief that it is already so.  Every time you have doubt you’re pushing it away from you and every time you have love and faith and a sense of yes for it you’re bringing it closer to you.

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So yes, find out what it is you really really want and bring it to life, bring it forward.

Give thanks in advance for already having it, envision yourself in it, owning it, being inside of it, deserving it.  Go after it with determination and a willingness and openness to receive your ‘want’ because the magic of it all is that it already exists in the ethereal.  It is already so.  It’s already a part of you – your ‘want’ is just waiting for you to meet up with it.

So what are you doing to meet your ‘want’ into reality?  Let us know, love to hear.  And feel free to share this blog.

Grateful Blessings


Happy Earth Day

You carry Mother Earth within you.  She is not outside of you.  Mother Earth is not just your environment.  In that insight of inter-being, it is possible to have real communication with the earth, which is the highest form of prayer. ~ Tich Nhat Hanh


We live in partnership with our precious Mother Earth, not separate.

Earth Blessings


A Special Note…Just For You

This is a special note just for you.

Listen…are you believing that you are special?

Easter flower.jpeg

Are you believing that you are brilliant?

Are you believing that you are beautiful?

Are you believing that you are precious?


I mean really – really in your heart of hearts believe it?

Not just on the surface, not just because you read someplace that you’re suppose to?

But, really believe it with your whole being?

Hydrangea pink.jpeg

Remind yourself today and every day that you are





How can you not be all that, and even more than you can know?

You are a bright shining star within a loving universe.

Hydrangea lavender.jpeg

You’re made of love and exist inside love –

You are all love

Every breath you take is love

Every thing you set your eyes on…

Is love

Every touch is love

Every word is love

Every dark is love

Every light is love

Believe in your heart of hearts that you are – m a g n i f i c e n t l o v e!!!

Come and share what you believe yourself to be?  I’d love to hear from you.



Into Magnificence

I am a wonderer in an inner landscape where the magic is constantly revealing itself to me. It’s always more and it never ends. I always seem to get to a place where I stay awhile and than I feel the urge bubbling up inside me, it’s that familiar nudging nagging at me and I begin to yearn again for the deeper more that lies within.  And every time again, I’m like the fool in the Tarot fresh with anticipation.

Tarot fool.jpeg

Sometimes even though I know it’s time to go deeper, that I’ve outgrown this place, I stay longer. I get stuck and I can’t see where to go.  I can’t find my way out and so I remain there and just move in circles until I finally break through and I find myself at the door on the edge again of a new journey, a new beginning, a new higher level inside this magical land.

Journeys within journeys – every one brings me deeper inside myself and is more glorious, more awesome, more magnificent. With every new journey I reach a higher level of consciousness and I’ve let go of yet another layer of fear, resistance and limitations that I imposed on myself. There are no beginnings and no endings only circles within circles and deeper levels of consciousness that wake me to a higher knowing.


Today I experienced a shift, I crossed over the threshold into a new journey.

Sometimes you don’t really know that the very thing you’re searching for is not manifesting because you’ve put up a wall of resistance and fear.  You can’t see it, it’s invisible to your eyes and to your senses until that moment that suddenly you find yourself crossed over the threshold and  – WOW!  And you realize there was a wall of resistance and fear that is gone now.  You removed it and you’re inside a new landscape, you’re the Fool filled with anticipation, wonder, and a longing for this new adventure.  You’re ready, willing and eager to uncover the miracles within the mystery.  The magnificence that lies ahead of you.

What about you, have you removed walls of resistance and fear?  Are you entering new levels of magnificence?  Share your thoughts in the comments below, love to chat.

Blessings on your journey




Why Have a Ritual

I’m continuing February Love with Ritual – I love my morning ritual, it’s my totally alone time with the Universe.  It doesn’t take me long and it makes all the difference in the world for how the rest of my day unfolds and feels.  I carry with me the peace and blessings of this sacred energy for the rest of the day.


Here is where I stand and open to the mystery.

Here is where I am open, present, ready and willing to receive the gifts of our Holy Mother of Miracles Manifest.

Here is where I honor and give gratitude to all my angels, my spirit guides, my physical mother and father, my ancestors, my animal spirit guides and all of the celestial beings who are with me supporting me, protecting me, loving me and blessing me with their wisdom.

Here’s where I open myself up to letting the wonder and magic come in.

Here is where I declare every day that I expect miracles today.

Here is where I remind myself to step into my power.

Here is where I am in union with and consciously open my heart to Holy Mother.

Here is where I shine love, healing and blessings out into the world.

Rose.jpegI start by lighting candles and incense and smudging myself and my space to remove and release all negative energies, all fear, and all thoughts that limit me.

I say my prayers

I bless everyone, myself and the Universe

I say my mantra 108 times while holding my mala beads

I say my affirmations

I give thanks

Here is where I declare to bring forth  –

My highest light

My highest love

My highest visions

My highest service

My highest gratitude

My highest gifts

My highest health…

Enveloped in this love the tone is set for the day for me.


And when I’m done I write at least three pages in my journal, a practice I started after reading Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way.

Rituals fascinate me, I started my practice only a few years ago it’s not something I grew up with.  My parents were holocaust survivors, after the war they didn’t believe in God.  There was no religion in my home and God was something to fear.    My ritual which is always evolving has totally changed my life.  It’s become such a sacred time for me that I’m jealous and protective of it, actually I get annoyed when I have an early morning appointment and I don’t have the time to savor the deliciousness of it.

Rituals hold power , magic and miracles within themselves.

I invite you and encourage you to create a ritual if you don’t already have one.  It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out thing, it can be as little as five minutes.  And it can be anything that brings you comfort and peace.

Sit quietly and tune into your body for 5 minutes.

List 5 things in a gratitude journal that you’re grateful for.

Stare into space sipping your coffe for 5 minutes.

Dance joyfully for 5 minutes in your home.

The list in endless. Do what feels good for you. You don’t have to have a morning ritual it can be at anytime, it can be out in nature, doesn’t matter.  You don’t have to spend a lot of time, money or effort.  It should be organic and come from your heart.  If you can manage more time that’s great and if not 5 minutes is all you need to create a shift in your life and find the magic that is waiting for you.

Create a ritual for yourself that will empower you, fill you with joy, peace and wonder.  And very important – have fun with it.


What is your ritual?  Is it in the morning/evening?  What’s one thing that you do that centers you, lights you up?  Do you want to start one?  Come share in the comments below.

With Blessings and Gratitude


February Love

I’ve decided February to be the month of – I LOVE ME.  That is, the month of paying special attention to loving ME.

I’m letting go of criticism, judgement and any other toxic thoughts I have about myself and inviting in only those that uplift, encourage and light me up.

I’m tuning into myself and giving me an extra sprinkling of special sparkly love.

File Feb 01, 8 36 00 AM.png

Let this month be the month you walk in your own power, knowing that you deserve – deserve to be happy – deserve to be prosperous – deserve to be loved – deserve to be brilliant.

Don’t leave yourself at the end of the line, don’t let yourself be guided by someone else’s opinions of you – make yourself a priority, remember that you are – important – unique – beautiful – special…

Take time to pay attention to your home, this is your castle – decorate it with beauty and love. Buy flowers, they don’t have to be expensive I buy them for under $10 at the supermarket.  Burn candles, they add a warmth to your home.


Burn delicious incense, my favorite scent is the Mag Champa, Agarbatti, you can get them at Amazon, some of the health food stores, or metaphysical stores. (Remember to follow the instructions for lighting candles and incense, don’t leave them unattended)

This month splurge on one special gift for yourself. Something that you’ve been wanting but haven’t bought for yourself. A book maybe that’s been on your wish list. A new beautiful journal.  A delicious cup of tea with a friend…

Give yourself five minutes a day of undisturbed time.  Turn off your cell phone, computer, ipad and any other electronic devise that can disturb you and just envelop yourself in the silence and quiet of just being with you.

Take from this what feels good to you, leave out the rest and I invite you to leave a comment, lets share our special love.

Wishing you February Love Blessings